5 Awesome Piercings to Rock With That Summer Up do!

Girls Piercing Jewelry for the Summer

The best part of summer is throwing your hair up into those cute summer styles. Whether you're into 90s alien buns, man buns or the more classic milkmaid braids, accentuate your style with a new piercing that'll breathe new life into that summer up-do. What are you waiting for?

Layered Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are the best to combine with a simple up-do because it automatically makes it edgier and more complex! You could layer a bunch of ear piercings into a constellation style, combine an orbital and scaffold piercings or - for something more complex - what about tragus and anti-tragus piercings combined. Which ever way you combine the many kinds of ear piercings it always looks edgy and modern, no matter your style of up-do.

Nape Piercings

Take advantage of showing off that long line of the neck by accentuating it with a nape piercing! You can opt for dermal implants which means you can have any amount of single stud piercings in any design or a surface piercing which uses a bar that connects two points that come above the skin.

Dermal Implants

I know we mentioned these babies in regard to nape piercings, but what's great about them is that they can be done almost anywhere on the body. For matching with a summer up do opt for dermals around the temples, between the eyes or close to the tragus to make a statement. These would look amazing close to the hair line of any up do!

Summer Body Jewelry

Industrial Piercings

An industrial piercing combines two points of cartilage on the upper fold of the ear. Which means they're great to show off with an up do or hide by letting your hair down! This barred look is sure to make a statement and bring some edge to any kind of hair style.

Eyebrow Piercings

Those are our top five favourite piercings to combine with your summer up-dos! If you're looking for a new piercing to rock this summer here are our favourites. While some of them are a little obvious, you could easily hide away some placements of dermal implants, industrial piercings, ear piercings and nape piercings over the winter when you go back to your commitments!

Let us know how you'd wear your hair or your piercings to help accentuate your summer hair. Would you wear any of our ideas?