5 Best Lip Piercings for Women

Female Lip Piercings

Getting a lip ring might sound simple, but there are more details to the decision than just showing up at the piercing shop. The definition of a lip ring is simply a piercing that penetrates the lips or an area around the lips. This means there are all kinds of options for the placement and lip ring jewelry. Find out which five lip rings are the best for women, no matter what piercing style you have.

Vertical Labret

A vertical labret piercing is aligned to the center of the bottom lip and enters in through the area under the lip and exits through the top of the lip. A regular labret exits in the mouth, so the difference of the vertical labret is that the top of the piercing and the bottom of the piercing are visible around the lip. The appropriate lip ring jewelry for a vertical labret is a curved barbell. The vertical labret gives a unique look to the lip.


This piercing is aptly named after world-famous celebrity, Madonna. The placement mimics the trademark mole on Madonna’s face: it sits slightly above the lip and to the right. The only difference between this type of piercing and the Monroe piercing is the placement on the face. Named after equally famous Marilyn Monroe’s facial marking, the Monroe is the same as the Madonna but on the left side of the face. The appropriate lip jewelry for this is a labret stud, and some choose to go with an eye-catching anodized or jeweled labret stud.

Spider Bites

Spider bites is the nickname given to the double lip piercings that are placed side-by-side on the upper or lower lip. The piercings are placed close together and two labret studs are used to mimic the look of a spider bite. Once the piercings heal, the lip ring jewelry could be switched out with captive bead rings for a small style change. Or you could use labret studs with spike tops like a set of mini fangs.

Lip Piercings for Womens


The Medusa lip piercing goes through the curved area below the nose, directly under the septum, like an upside down labret. The anatomically correct name is the philtrum piercing, but it was coined the Medusa by a hairdresser/model in the mid-1990s and the name has stuck ever since. A labret stud is also worn for the Medusa lip jewelry. Once healed you can order this 16 gauge flex lip ring for a super comfortable lip ring that won't hurt your gums or teeth.

Altering the piercing a little and entering through the philtrum, but angling down and exiting through the lip will result in the oddly named jestrum. A curved barbell is the appropriate lip ring jewelry for this variation.

Angel Bites

This piercing is a combination of a few different piercings. Angel bites are a variation of snake bites, but it's basically the Madonna and the Monroe combined. These lip piercings go on the upper lip and are separated evenly on the two different sides of the face. Wearing the cubic zirconia-topped flex lip rings adds some sparkle and comfort at the same time.

Don’t stress out about picking the right type of lip ring or lip ring jewelry. You'll find one that fits your personal style and makes you feel confident with your look.