5 Ear Piercing Trends To Try for 2021

New Cartilage Piercings

It’s a new year and we’ve got some new ear piercing trends for you to check out. New piercings are great for any time of the year, but why not give yourself some extra excitement for 2021 and try a new ear piercing. Cartilage ear piercings are currently very trendy, but they never really go out of style. There are some new favorites for this year and new ways to jazz up the classics too!

The Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing goes through the tragus, which is the flap of cartilage that is in front of your ear canal. (Ear piercings are typically named by the part of the ear anatomy that they pierce through.) This piercing is visible from the side and when facing forward, and adds a little shimmer or shine on that side of the face—or you can do both sides! We have an amazing selection of tragus cartilage jewelry with options like gemmed ends, decorative ends like pineapples, flowers, anchors, or you can go for the classic look with a simple rounded end.

Getting a Tragus Piercing

The Daith Piercing

The daith piercings is another one of the 5 ear piercing trends you should try this year. The daith piercing goes through the cartilage of the ear that is behind and above the tragus, which is the innermost fold of the ear. The daith piercing is different than the tragus because you can wear a hoop or ring in the piercings instead of a flatback post/ or labret stud type piece of jewelry. A daith piercing gives the inner part a new sparkle, and is an eye-catching addition whether you sport a simple seamless ring or one lined with gems.

Daith Piercing with Captive Ring


The Forward Helix or Outer Helix Piercing

The helix is becoming a new favorite placement for an ear piercing and the trend is sure to continue into 2021. The helix is the outer shell part of the top of the ear. The outer helix piercing is placed near the top and center of the ear, which is what is typically considered the classic “cartilage” piercing placement. The forward helix piercing is down toward the front of the ear, near the tragus, and this placement especially is one of the more popular cartilage piercings for this year.

Girl with Forward Helix Piercing

Flat Piercings

The “flat” area of the ear is under the shell of the top of the ear, basically the largest space of cartilage on the upper ear that is not the edge of the ear. Flat piercings are fun because there is a lot of room to display larger, more decorative jewelry tops or to do multiple piercings in the one area, which leads to the fifth ear piercing trend.

Upper Cartilage Piercing

Clustered Cartilage Piercings

This next ear piercing trend that you should try for 2021 is actually achieved by getting multiple piercings in any area on the cartilage of the ear, like the flat, helix, or conch. And again, the name kind of explains it—the piercings are arranged to be in a small cluster or row/stack. However, you can also get one piercing and opt for a top with clustered gems or beads to get the same effect, without the additional piercings. There are a lot of different combinations or options to go with for the actual cluster, so it takes some planning and designing before executing. You can get an arrangement with rings or with flatback studs or both for even more variation. The piercings may need to be performed at different times for optimal healing, but the final look is a stunner.