5 Reasons to Avoid Piercings at the Mall

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Ah, the mall. It’s the one place that has everything you need: endless choices for food, shopping and there’s even a place to get pierced! But if you’re thinking of ending a fun day at the mall by getting pierced in back of your local Sally Beauty Supply, think again. Here are our five reasons to steer clear.

The Staff are Untrained

Those piercing stalls in the mall or at the back of hair dressers and beauty supply stores, do you know how much training they actually get?

Fifteen minutes and a pamphlet on how to work a piercing gun.

Most of these guys and girls are actually hairdressers or teenagers working part-time. Their lack of training can lead to a lot of issues that you might not see upfront, but trust me, you won’t be able to miss them when they hit!

They Use Piercing Guns!

Piercing guns are the ultimate no-no in regard to body piercings, even ears! Malls often use them because they require little training (just point and shoot) and don’t scare off the little kids that make them most of their money.

The truth is they may seem harmless, but these guns harbour bacteria and you never know what else. This is because the plastic they’re made from can never properly be sterilised and are constantly reused with the help of an alcohol wipe.

They’re a Hub for Infections and Disease

That may come out a little harsh, but honestly! Being untrained means that these, dare-I-say, piercers have no idea how to properly clean up a suitably hygienic piercing space. That’s if they have a whole room to themselves!

They Won’t Know How to Help

One of the best resources if you’re having trouble with a piercing is a body piercer. They have years of experience, and often their own set of piercings as proof! When you get pierced at the mall, who are you going to go to for help if you get an infection, or if it gets ripped out, or if you didn’t realise you’re allergic to stainless steel.

Sure, when you’re in trouble your local piercing studio will probably be happy to help with any information they have, but you won’t get out of their without a roll of their eyes and a warning to do some research next time!

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It’ll Probably Suck!

When it comes to getting pierced at a mall, it’s an “in and out” kind of situation. Probably it’ll take less than fifteen minutes. But is that really what you want?

Occasionally, they’ll mark out the spot with marker, and change its placement a couple times, but that’s the extent of their prep process. Meanwhile, reputable body piercers have months or years of training on how to get a piercing just right! (And they still take the time to make sure you’re satisfied.) Trust us, they know how to position a piercing to make it look perfect, and will tell you if you want a placement that may not work out.

This is especially important if you’re considering stretching your ears in the future! Many people need to let their mall ear piercings heal up and get them pierced by at a studio before they can actually stretch because the placement wasn’t suitable.

Take it from those of us who have had horror experiences getting pierced at the mall. Don’t do it! By all means, buy your purple shampoo there but don’t get pierced.