5 Reasons NOT to Perform Your Own Piercings!

Do Not Perform Your Own Piercing

The DIY or the “Do it Yourself” phrase is becoming a household phenomenon, it’s easier and cheaper to do it yourself, right? Wrong, not when it comes to piercings! You probably won’t find a do it yourself guide to take out your appendix and you’re not going to find a quality guide to pierce yourself. A professional piercer has many more advantages and knowledge when it comes to piercings, they have: education, equipment, and experience. Why is it important to know about your body? Piercers have a unique education on the body, they are aware of the vessels, nerves, and tissues that compose the body. Understanding where to place a piercing can be vital in its longevity and success.

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Professional Piercers know where to pierce, and what spots to avoid! For example, they know about the “sweet spot” in the septum. The sweet spot is something most people would not know how to find or pierce successfully. Correct placement not only makes the piercing look better, but it also enhances healing. Proper equipment is just as important as understanding the unique composition of the human body. In order to avoid infection and other transmittable diseases jewelry and tools must be sterilized with an autoclave. This sterilizes the jewelry and the equipment from any microorganisms that cling on to it. Using sterile tools and needles is for your safety! All tools should be removed from sterilization pouches before they are used. According to Times Online “Doctors said that piercing should not be carried out by amateurs, as a survey showed that almost a third of piercings in people aged 16-24 resulted in complications, half of which needed medical attention”

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Finding a piercer with experience is crucial! Most piercers will spend thousands of dollars on education and have a portfolio to show their successful piercings. Professional piercers pursue this education to work in a professional environment. An environment that is not only clean but is respectful to your health as well.

These are the top five reasons not to pierce yourself:

1. No Sterile Environment

You can’t create a sterile environment with household items. Piercers use chemicals and sterilization techniques that kill up to 99.9% of diseases. Regular cleaning solutions and chemicals cannot kill these diseases. A professional studio minimizes the chance of infection or transmit of disease.

2. Piercing Placement

You don’t have the proper knowledge of where to place a piercing. It might sound easy or look like you should pierce in a certain spot, but a lot more going into the anatomy of a piercing. Piercers have to think about swelling, bleeding, and other medical issues. It also plays into the aesthetic of the piercing. Piercers are able to find the precise angle for the piercing, so it is straight and anatomically correct. The angle of the piercing plays a big part in its viability and healing.

3. The Wrong Tools

Professional Piercers have gone through an apprenticeship and schooling, they know exactly what tools are needed and where. Piercings require many different sizes and the size and of the needle is just as important as the correct size and diameter of the jewelry.

4. Limited View Point

You are only getting one view point of the piercing. A professional piercer can analyze the tissue from all aspects. They are able to determine the best placement for the piercing. During the piercing they are able to line up the dots, so it is not done sideways or too deep. Viewpoint is especially crucial when you are getting a piercing that needs to be symmetrical.

5. Trauma

The tissue around the piercing can be easily traumatized by the wrong equipment and the velocity in which the needle penetrates the skin. The piercing needs to be done quickly and accurately, in one big swoop. This makes the piercing go faster and it’s less painful.


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