5 Unusual Piercing Ideas for Adventurous Types

5 Unusual Piercing Ideas

Your body is an empty canvas with plenty of space for expressing yourself with tattoos and piercings. But do you know all of the different piercings that are possible? Check out this list of five of the more unusual body piercings that you probably didn't know you could get.

Back Dimple or Sacral Piercing

The sacral or back dimple piercing is a newer trend that uses microdermal piercings in the lower back on either side of the sacrum. Microdermals are single point piercings where a base heals under the skin and the top shows above the skin. A piercer can use a needle, a pair of needles, or a punch and taper technique for this piercing.

Some women have natural sacral dimples and add gems to accentuate them. Those without natural dimples can play with the placement a little and have the piercings closer together or even get double piercings on each side. While microdermals are versatile and typically heal easily, this particular placement can be problematic. Clothing and chairs often rub up against them causing irritation and migration and they have a good chance of eventually rejecting.

Back Dimple Dermal Piercing

Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing or Smiley Piercing

Most lip piercings are noticeable right away, but the upper lip frenulum piercing needs a smile to reveal its existence—earning it the nickname of a smiley piercing. This piercing goes through the small amount of webbing between the upper lip and the gums. Any style of captive bead ring can be worn in this piercing. A seamless ring is another choice if you don't want a bead on the jewelry.

Frenulum Piercing

Uvula Piercing

If you are looking for a truly unusual piercing on an unusual body part, a uvula piercing can be done. Uvula piercings are uncommon and a little extreme, but they can heal just fine if pierced and cared for correctly! The uvula is the part of the tonsils that hangs down the back center of the throat. The piercer needs to be experienced to minimize risks during the piercing procedure, but the piercee should also have the experience and ability to stay still, calm, and breathe through any gagging.

Uvula Piercing

Head/Mohawk Spikes

Out of all of the places that you can get a piercing, the top of the head is definitely unusual but not impossible. You may have seen these before, but they are not technically a piercing. They are called transdermal implants because they are surgically implanted under the skin in your head. The post of the piercing heals above the skin, allowing the spikes to be attached and visible. These definitely aren't an option for someone that needs to hide piercings for work or school though!

Corset Piercing

The corset piercing is typically two columns of piercings down the back that a ribbon is then crisscrossed through to create a corseted look. It is a temporary installation because captive bead rings are most often used and they will not heal permanently in that placement. Most corset piercings are only worn for one week or less, often just for a photo shoot, event, or performance. However, successful long-term corset piercings are now more achievable now using microdermals instead of CBRs.