A Guide to Snug Piercing Jewelry Styles

The snug piercing is one of the most unique ear piercings out there. Why? Because it takes a specific ear anatomy to accommodate the piercing in the first place. If your ears are suited for a snug piercing, consider yourself lucky!

The snug is a horizontal piercing that sits on a ridge of cartilage to the left of the helix piercing location. Not everyone has enough cartilage there for the snug, which is what makes it more uncommon than others.

The snug is initially pierced with a standard 16g 3/8" curved barbell. And even after your healing period is over, a curved barbell is going to be your best jewelry option for the location of the snug. After healing, feel free to downsize to a 16g 5/16” curved barbell to get a more “snug” look (see what we did there?) But don’t let that scare you—there are still tons of jewelry options to choose from.

In this blog, we’ll review the wide range of styles available for your healed snug piercing. From different shapes and sizes to different metals and colors, your snug can look as unique as the piercing itself.

Important Jewelry Considerations

Because the snug is horizontal and limited to a curved barbell, you should choose a jewelry style that will look good from every angle. For example, if your curved barbell features a heart on one side, keep in mind that the heart will be tipped on its side when it’s placed in the piercing. But if you like it that way, more power to you! It can be a way to make the piercing look even cooler.

We don’t recommend using a ring for the snug piercing even after it’s healed. This is because the ring won’t compensate for how thick the cartilage is in that location. However, if your snug is particularly thin, you might be able get away with a ring after the snug has healed. But please consult with your professional piercer before making the jump!

Classic Curved Barbell

The classic 16g 5/16” curved barbell provides the iconic look of the snug. The “bar” is hidden within the piercing, leaving the balls on either side showing. It almost looks like they’re floating! For this reason, some of our favorite options for the snug are twists on the classic curved barbell. Check these out:

This double spiked titanium curved barbell can add a bit of edge or interest to your look. The option to choose a polished titanium finish or a black pvd titanium allows you to tailor the jewelry to your personal style and preferences along with being a reliable piece of jewelry for your snug.

Double spiked titanium curved barbell

Or, if you can’t choose just one color, why not have them all? The 16g rainbow PVD titanium curved barbell is a perfect option for those who like the shine of a typical silver barbell, but want an extra pop of color, too.

Titanium Rainbow Curved Barbell

More Shimmer and Shine

It’s summertime, and what a better way celebrate than with a snug piercing that catches the sunlight. These options still give that “floating” feel of the classic curved barbells, but with a little extra bling (and even color!) to pack a punch.

If you like the look of a classic, circular-cut gem, this option is for you. Not only does this 16g gold PVD titanium double prong CZ curved barbell showcase clear gems in a prong setting, but it gives a peek-a-boo of gold, too.

Double CZ Golden Titanium Curved Barbell

Not a fan of clear gems? No problem. This claw blue opalite titanium internally threaded curved barbell could be your match. The pearlescence of the opalite gives you the shine you love while accommodated a beautiful blue color to really stand out.

Double Blue Opalite Claw Titanium Curved Barbells

Be Completely Unique

While still keeping the curved barbell style, these options deviate completely from others. With different shapes and motifs, we’re excited about how these curved barbells could look in your snug piercing. 

If you’re into customized jewelry—we totally recommend this titanium threadless curved barbell. Threadless jewelry is designed to be easily interchangeable, which means you can switch out the decorative ends or balls to create a customized look.The option to pick from 14kt gold, gems, balls, and more allows you to personalize the jewelry to your own style and preferences.

titanium threadless curved barbell

In Love With The Snug?

We are too. We hope your ear can accommodate this awesome piercing! If you plan to get your snug professionally pierced, remember that Urban Body Jewelry has the large, high-quality portfolio of curved barbells to fit your needs, no matter what they are.