All About the Industrial Piercing | Industrial Piercing Guide

Industrial Piercings 101 

So, you are considering an industrial piercing? Well, it is actually two piercings that only requires one piece of jewelry. The traditional industrial piercing involves a piercing in the anti-helix and helix portion of the upper ear cartilage. The piercings are usually 1.5 inches apart and connected by a long, straight barbell. Your piercer will determine the appropriate distance of the piercings based on the shape of your ear. There are even vertical industrial piercings that connect two conch piercings in the rook and daith locations. Some people get a little wild and get two industrial piercings that cross in the middle, called the cage.

What Side Do You Get An Industrial Piercing?

When it comes down to choosing a side for an industrial piercing there’s a few things to consider. First there are no stigmas to piercing one side over the other. Choose the side that feels the most natural. Whichever side you imagine it on is the side you should go with. Some people’s ears might not have the prominent ridge necessary for an industrial piercing. If you have any doubts on the anatomy of your ear for this piercing then your professional piercer should be able to tell you. Also if you are a heavy side sleeper then maybe consider getting pierced on the side you don’t sleep on.

Can Everyone Get An Industrial Piercing?

Most people’s ears are suitable to get an industrial piercing. However some people’s ears don’t have a prominent ridge on the upper part of the ear. If your ear has a prominent ridge that runs from the upper part of the ear to about midway then you should be able to get an industrial no problem. However if you have an ear type where the upper part of the ear is mostly or entirely flat then an industrial will probably not work out for you. Your local professional piercer should be able to take a look at your ear and let you know if it’s a piercing that would or would not work for you.

What is a Verical Industrial Piercing

A vertical industrial piercing is similar to an industrial piercing but instead of being on the upper ridge of the ear it’s located inside the ear right next to the conch piercing. This piercing runs straight up and down. When looking at the ear from the front only the post of the bar is visible. The balls are hidden behind the ear. It is a more technical piercing to perform and also to heal, therefore it is very important that only a professional piercer who has been properly trained do this for you.

The body jewelry selected for the industrial piercing is usually a standard long and straight barbell. However, you can select separate jewelry pieces and wear them until the piercing hole, fistula, heals. The industrial piercing is extremely versatile and can be worn with connected jewelry or separate jewelry. It is recommended to obtain separate jewelry pieces over a connected piercing when initially pierced. Popular choices are captive bead rings and labrets. The separate piercings will heal more quickly, are less likely to get caught in long hair, and will have less pressure on the healing fistulas. Most gauge sizes are either 14g or 16g for industrial piercings and stretching is not usually recommended.

Industrial piercings are actually two piercing holes, but the price is not twice as much as a traditional piercing. Most piercers will charge around $50 for a traditional industrial piercing. Check with your local piercing shops to get an idea on cost and determine if the shop you select is clean and has piercers who are members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). You should go and check out the shop and ensure they use sanitary practices and have a licensed shop. Check the piercer’s portfolio and see what types of piercings they have performed. Try to get pictures of healed piercings as well and not just the fresh and recent piercings. Don’t go the cheap route or you may be extra lucky and obtain an infection.

Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Ensure that you take care of your piercing by sea salt soaks and keeping the area clean. Also, make sure to stay out of hot tubs, oceans, lakes, and other breeding grounds for bacteria. Eat a healthy diet and get your rest and your piercing should heal just nicely. The healing process can take anywhere from 3 months to one year, since this is a cartilage piercing. The industrial ear piercing can be sensitive, especially when you sleep on the side with the piercing. It may be a good idea to get an industrial piercing on the side you don’t sleep on regularly.

Industrial piercings are a great addition to your style. There are several unique pieces of body jewelry that can be used in this location. Take the time and select the best piece of jewelry to compliment your unique look. Industrial piercings are a great look for men and women alike.