Cute & Dainty Piercing for the Workplace

Small Piercings

In previous generations piercings and tattoos were taboo, they were not accepted in the work place and society saw those with piercings as “rebellious”. With more people getting tattoo’s and piercings, companies and employees are starting to rethink their policies on piercings. Each workplace has its own rules and viewpoints regarding piercings and tattoos, some industries are more open than others. It is always good practice to understand the workplace’s standard policies on piercings. More and more people and workforces have begun to look past the piercings and focus on personality and the ability to do the job. These five piercings are perfect because they are small and dainty (and some can be hidden).

The Tragus Piercing

Tragus Rings

The tragus is the tip of cartilage closest to the face. This piece of cartilage covers the earl canal. It is pierced with a circular or straight barbell from the outside in. The reason this piercing is perfect for work is how small it can be. A small bezel can add a little bit of sparkle to the ear without making a huge spectacle. This piercing takes time to heal, up to six months to a year. After the piercing is healed it can be changed out to different styles and shaped bezels.

 Nose Stud

Nose Stud

Nose piercings have become widely more accepted in the work place, and the jewelry options make getting a nose piercing easy to conceal or small enough that it looks like a small diamond. A simple bezel set nose ring can be small enough that it is not as noticeable and appropriate for work. If you need to change the jewelry there are skin colored options to conceal it when needed.

Daith Piercing with a Curved Barbell

Daith Piercing Rings

The Daith piercing is a piercing that passes through the ears innermost cartilage and it folds into the helix. There are many different jewelry types that can be used such as: captive rings, curved barbells, and shaped barbells. A simple curved barbell with bezel set ends is small and perfect for the workplace.

Septum Piercing

Small Septum Rings

This piercing has so much versatility, making it perfect for work! This is a horizontal piercing through the nasal septum (the piece between the left and right nostrils). The septum has many different jewelry options. A small, skinny, gold circular ring close to the nose can be dainty enough not to notice, but apparent enough that it gives a little color. A circular barbell (horseshoe ring) can be used and flipped up for interviews or days when you need to conceal the piercing entirely. The ring/barbell can be fitted to your nose by a professional piercer making it perfect for your face shape. Septum clickers are another style that can be small and dainty but still make a statement. 

Belly Button Piercing

Cute Belly Rings

The belly button piercing is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things covered up! This is a piercing that no one at work is going to see unless you let them, not to mention its adorable. The tradition belly button piercing sits right above the navel and the bigger bezel sits inside the belly button. It is typically done with a curved barbell, checkout the belly ring section with designs for eveyrone style.