Daith Piercing Info and FAQ

Daith Cartilage Piercing Aftercare

A daith piercing (pronounced doth) is a type of ear piercing that is positioned along the inner most cartilage fold of the ear. This is along the same line that holds the helix piercing further up towards the outer edge. Often it appears that the ring is coming straight out of the ear canal itself. You might be surprised to find out that many people get daith piercings because they're said to cure headaches. This piercing works like acupuncture that uses pressure points to alleviate pain.

Why Can't I Fit a Daith Piercing?

Before committing to a daith piercing it's important to check to see if you have a large enough fold for the piercing to run through. If in doubt always check early with your piercer. The size of this fold will also affect whether you can get a double or triple daith piercing as well, which are smaller piercings further down the innermost fold of the ear.

Like any piercing, whether you can fit a daith piercing depends entirely on your anatomy.

How Much Does a Daith Piercing it Cost?

All piercing prices vary depending on the studio, but generally it costs around $40 to $50 dollars for a daith piercing. Always remember to opt for a studio you trust, rather than going to studio with bad reviews because of a low price!

Daith Piercing Location

How Long Does a Daith Piercing Take to Heal?

A daith piercing is a cartilage piercing, which means it takes a little longer to heal. It should take around 3-6 months for a daith piercing to completely heal.

What Jewelry Do I Wear in a Daith Piercing?

Captive ball rings are a common daith piercing because they fit comfortably in the area. But for a less space consuming jewelry you can opt for a curved barbel instead.

Daith Piercing Jewelry

Aftercare Techniques

When healing a daith piercing you can't go wrong with sea salt soaks as seen here in our post on how to do sea salt soaks. For ear piercings try dunking a paper towel or wash cloth into the salt solution and drape that onto the piercing for for 7-15 minutes. You can also see the video below that explain more on the aftercare piercing process

On that same note, make sure to clean your ear thoroughly before getting pierced. It may be hard to get into all those crevices but it'll be a whole lot harder after getting pierced.

Make sure to avoid contact with shampoos, conditions and lotions while healing!

What Are the Risks to a Daith Piercing?

Because the daith piercing is in such a tricky place it's important that you find an experienced piercer who has done daith piercings before. Considering of the inner placement of the daith piercing it's important to keep the piercing clear of ear wax and other ear debris else this could lead to infections.

Like any body piercing, always make sure to check with your body piercer with questions and concerns about the procedure, costs and after care. If you have doubts about a healing piercing return to your piercer immediately. With years of experience, they know what they're doing!

Guy Daith Piercing

Whether you're looking to get your first piercing or for a cool cartilage ear piercing to add to your collection, the daith is a great option that won't intersect with most pre-existing ear piercings.

Would you get a daith piercing? Have you tried it in order to help ease your headaches? Let us know if it has worked for you in a comment section below!