Everything You Need to Know about the Frowny Piercing

The Frowny Piercing

The frowny piercing, also known as the anti smiley piercing, goes through the bottom web between your lip and your teeth called the frenulum. This is a piercing that’s growing in popularity as it’s so unique. It’s easy to hide for work or other formal occasions and doesn’t overwhelm the face. You might notice a frowny piercing on someone who smiles a lot, peeking out just above the bottom lip. How cute is that?

But be careful! There’s a little to know about the frowny piercing before you head off to the piercer.

 Be Careful When Choosing Your Jewelry

When getting your frowny pierced you shouldn’t go too big. That area of your mouth is very delicate, and usually doesn’t provide much of a landscape for piercing. Some people hardly have any web at all! Getting this spot pierced depends on whether your piercer deems it suitable with your webbing, and the size of the jewelry will follow suit.

Speaking of jewelry, there are certain types of jewelry that are used with frowny piercings. Curved barbells and ball closure rings are common. But beware of how the jewelry will sit in your mouth. It can seriously hurt your teeth or cause receding gums if your jewelry is constantly rubbing against vital parts of your mouth. 

A great suggestion is to stick to stainless steel and titanium bars but opt for softer rubber balls or jewelry without balls at all. These are the part of the jewelry that will cause most harm.

Frowny Piercing Jewelry

It Often Migrates!

Because it’s a web piercing in the lip area it will be constantly moving around when you’re talking, eating and even smiling. While initially this might cause some irritation when first donning this modification, it might cause some more permanent effect. The most common is that the piercing will probably move after healing. It’ll rub against the thin layer of skin until it starts to move position, usually towards freedom where it’ll eventually move entire outside of the skin.

Those with fraenulum piercings don’t often keep them for long.

Will it Hurt?

With any piercing the general answer is yes. When you are sticking a sharp object into your flesh you will feel pain. But with a fraenulum piercing the pain is typically minimal due to the skin being so thin and as your mouth is one of the quickest parts of your body to heal.


When it comes to piercing enthusiasts we all love a good sea salt soak, but aftercare for oral piercings becomes a bit tricky when it comes to oral piercings.

Here are some particulars to try to avoid: Kissing, oral sex, sharing food and drinks, chewing on pens and other germy objects.