Gothic Plugs and Piercing Jewelry

Gothic Piercing Jewelry Styles

We’ve all seen black piercing jewelry and the typical pointed stud jewelry, but what can you wear when you want to go all out Goth? Well, using the typical motifs of the Goth subculture I summoned up this list of Gothic piercing jewelry you won’t want to miss!


When it comes to crosses and crucifixes there are so many options! This crucifix tongue ring is the coolest thing ever. There are also a whole heap of fake plugs with awesome cross designs like this steel version or these more basic silver on black cross plugs.

Raised by Bats!

For the bat lovers out there, we have one option. This awesome talon shaped bat wing taper! How cool is it?

Speaking of bats, there’s no denying that us Goth’s love ourselves some vampires. This fang shaped tragus piercing will have you feasting on the blood of innocents in no time (at least in spirit). Meanwhile, these Rocky Horror inspired plugs create a create homage to the living (un)dead and, bonus, they’re called the Kiss of Death plugs.

Try a Skull or Two

Skulls are sometimes seen as a little old school, but they’re old school for a reason. They’re kitschy, sometimes cute and always add a creepy vibe to an outfit! Try out this silver skull septum clicker that will give your hardware an even harder edge or these brass skull ear weights for something more mature!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

And finally, if motifs and symbols aren’t your kind of deal, you can’t go wrong with these Beetlejuice looking black and white striped plugs. They’re an absolute classic!

Goth Staple Pentagram Earrings

These pentagram earrings are reminiscent of classic styles by Killstar and Disturbia. It’s basically a fact that all Goth’s need a pair of their own! Whether you want to rock them as straight up earrings or through tunnels in your stretched ears!

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Victorian Goths, I Haven’t Forgotten You!

What is more Victorian Goth than a pair of cameo plugs featuring a skeleton silhouette of a Victorian woman? Literally nothing, that’s what.

Spider webs, Straight from Souxsie Sioux’s Basement!

Last, but not least, we have just another Gothic staple: the spider web. And okay, they might be more stainless steel than real cobwebs, but we’re 100% sure you and your piercing will be better off with these guys. Whether you rock ‘em as a nipple piercing, hollow plug or spider web tunnel, they’re going to look killer!

Would any of these look amazing with your staple Goth outfit? Let us know in a comment!