Guys with Piercings and Tattoos and Why We Love Them

Why is it that when a guy turns around and shows off his enormous dragon tattoo that some women begin to drool? Why do Guys With Tattoos and Gaugessome females simply can’t get their eyes off that guy with an industrial piercing? Well, first of all, seeing a tattoo or piercing means that this person obviously has put at least a little bit of thought into his appearance and into his body. Getting something permanent like a tattoo or piercing means making a pretty major decision, which indicates that this person is someone confident and who knows what he wants. Another thing that may attract women to guys with tattoos especially is the curiosity that arises from seeing a particular design. So why does that guy have an anchor on his bicep? Why is he walking around with a snake on his chest? These are all very realistic questions that a woman might encounter once she sees something so interesting or unique. Tattoos like that show that there’s a story behind them and thus behind the person who wears them. And stories can easily spark interest.

Maybe the most obvious reason that a woman would look at a guy with piercings or tattoos would be if she likes tough guys. Having an enormous tattoo meant that he had spent hours enduring the sensation of someone going over and over the design with a tattoo gun. And while anyone can get a lobe piercing, not everyone would be willing to subject themselves to the pain of getting a cartilage piercing. Finally, a guy with a tattoo or piercing is an indication that he has at least something figured out already- at the very least, he knows what he likes and is not afraid to show that off to the world in a permanent way. Otherwise, he might have an interesting tale behind his body modification choices, which gives a great conversation starter for anyone. Thinking about tattoos and piercings and why you admire them can help you open a door to a whole new understanding about yourself. So don’t be afraid to do so!