Hiding Piercings in the Workplace, School, etc

Hiding Piercings in The Work Place

Body piercings are becoming more and more common every year. Most businesses are starting to accept piercings in the work place. Even with this growing acceptance in our modern culture, there are still plenty of times when you might have to remove or hide your piercing. Work and school being the two most common reasons.

A retainer is the best way to hide a piercing. Theres a few different types out there. Quartz and pyrex retainers are hands down the best and safest retainer material on the market today. Others are likely to be made out of bio-plast, plastic, or acrylic. A well trained professional piercer is always going to advise you to never put bio-plast, plastic, or acrylic into a non healed or healed piercing.

Now when it comes to a septum piercing you have another option. And that is a septum retainer. Septum retainers can be found in quartz and pyrex but more commonly come in 316lvm surgical stainless steel or titanium. Both of these metals are great for a healed or non healed piercing. The two styles your going to have to choose from for a septum piercing are a basic U shape retainer or a circular barbell. Nicknamed a horseshoe. The circular barbell can be slightly spread apart in order to be easily flipped up. Both of these styles can be worn down or flipped up to be easily hidden from view.

Glass Piercing Retainers

Most facial or ear piercings are going to take you on average between 2-3 months to heal. It is recommended that you not remove the jewelry during this healing period. Removing the jewelry too soon is like picking at a scab. It will prolong the healing period and also leave you with a lot of built up scar tissue. Also, you could possibly introduce bacteria, dirt, etc. to a healthy piercing causing complications such as infection and irritation. If you are forced to hide a piercing during the healing period, then seek out a professional piercer for assistance with the changeout.

With that being said there are a few piercings that you could start out with a retainer from the get go to heal with. But not all. Nostrils and septums are those piercings commonly pierced with retainers. Then after the healing period they can be changed to whatever jewelry you want. Most other facial or ear piercings just cannot hold a retainer the entire time it takes to heal. They just tend to fall out too often leading to excessive scar tissue, irritation, and possible infection.