Hot Piercing Trends of 2023: The Eyebrow Piercing

All trends come and go…then come again. It’s a phenomenon called the 20-year trend cycle, and it’s the idea that fashion or other lifestyle trends will resurface every 20 years. By the time a trend hits its two-decade mark, it passes obsoletion and enters into its “throwback” phase, capitalizing on nostalgia for those who remember it when it was “new.”

This is precisely why we’re seeing a rise in early 2000s fashion today—guess how many years it’s been?

So, it’s no wonder why platform shoes, low-rise jeans, crop tops, graphic tees, oversized sunglasses—we could seriously go on and on—are back in style. It’s quintessential 2000s fashion that’s come home to roost in 2023.

Jewelry trends are among this 2000s takeover, and that includes piercings, too. Specifically, the eyebrow piercing is a trend that we’re confident is making a comeback. The eyebrow piercing is pierced through the skin on either eyebrow (or both!). The most typical placement is near your natural brow arch, but placements can vary depending on the look you’re going for.

We think this eyebrow piercing comeback is partly because of the charm of nostalgia, but also because noticeable, colorful jewelry is back in style. What a better way to stay on-trend than rocking an eyebrow piercing? In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the current styles for eyebrow piercings that take us back to the early aughts.

Classic Early-00s Curved Barbell

Thanks to the rising popularity in body piercings over the last decade, it’s now easier than ever to find piercing jewelry that’s reliable and trendy. But that doesn’t mean we have to reinvent the wheel. Stay true to your early-aughts roots by sporting an internally threaded titanium curved barbell.

 Titanium Internally Threaded Curved Barbell

While simple, this was the style back in the 2000s when the piercing gained popularity and entered into celebrity culture. Pop stars like Fergie and Sisqo were spotted with the piercing back in the day, and current celebs like Justin Bieber are even rocking it in 2023.

A Twist on The Classic

Do you like the look of the simple barbell but find yourself wanting a little more from the piercing? Go for jewelry that has some color and bling, but keeps the same look and feel as the regular titanium barbell. This 16g rainbow PVD titanium double CZ curved barbell achieves just that!

16g rainbow PVD titanium double CZ curved barbell

Not to mention, colorful jewelry was extremely popular in the early aughts. This choice would give you the perfect combination of flare and simplicity.

An Ode to Punk Roots

While it’s difficult to pinpoint when the eyebrow piercing peaked in popularity, it was no doubt a product of the ‘90s punk movement. It was a time where piercings, especially facial piercings, were perceived as rebellious and completed with a devil-may-care attitude.

Spiked Curved Barbell

What harkens back to ‘90s punk more than this spiked titanium curved barbell ring? Nineties punk was all about acid wash denim adorned with studs and spikes. Pay tribute to both the nineties and early 2000s with this in your eyebrow piercing.

Eyebrow Statement Piece

Another way to honor the early-aughts with your eyebrow piercing is calling attention to the area itself. Another 00s trend that’s come back into fashion is thin eyebrows. Help accentuate the tail of your brow with this wavy CZ internally threaded titanium curved barbell.

Wavy CZ Internally Threaded Titanium Curved Barbell

Not only does this piece of jewelry follow the shape of the outer-brow, but it shines with CZ gems, too.

Put a Ring on It

But what if we abandon the barbell style altogether? That leaves you with plenty of jewelry options, particularly rings. The hoop is a great choice if you already wear hoops in other piercings, such as your nostril, septum, or lip. The piercing coordination makes a very cool and on-trend look.

This 14kt rose gold hinged segment ring is the best of both worlds when it comes to trends. It marries the rose gold trend of the 2020s with the eyebrow piercing trend of the 2000s.

14kt Rose Gold Hinged Clicker Ring

Interested In Piercing Your Eyebrow?

Have we convinced you to come back to the early-2000s dark side? No doubt, the eyebrow piercing isn’t just on-trend, it’s a great way to showcase your own self expression. But a decision to get pierced—no matter the location—comes with some responsibility.

It’s crucial to make sure you always find a reputable piercer. This is even more important when you’re getting a facial piercing. A professional piercer will ensure your piercing is clean, in the correct spot, and exactly what you envisioned. Some individuals prefer the placement towards the brow tail, but some like it more centered. Regardless, these are all things to discuss with your piercer.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

No matter what you’re piercing, you can always expect high-quality, reliable jewlery from Urban Body Jewelry. For eyebrow piercings, we have a wide variety of curved barbells and rings that are sure to match any style—whether that’s the early 2000s or not.