Medusa Piercing: One Lip Above the Rest

Medusa Piercing

There are many types of lip piercings out there, but the medusa piercing is one of those that tends to be more unique. This is one of the few piercings that doesn’t go by its anatomical location, called the philtrum. This may be because it doesn’t sound very cool and medusa sounds much more exotic. The piercing is found in the dimple right above the top lift in the center of the lip right below the nose. This piercing is used to accentuate the lips and looks great on people with luscious lips.


Due to the location of this piercing, it may be pretty difficult to do a hoop or ring. Most will pierce this area with a ball on one side and flat disc on the inside (labret stud). Some Medusa Ringwill also use a pretty stone or jewel for the front and the flat disc on the inside. Since this area inside will be moving as you talk and eat, you want something flat that rests on the lip and doesn’t protrude. Some people even go with a double barbell that hangs below the lip on one side, but this might be impractical with everyday life if you plan on eating and talking frequently. It is important to ensure this piercing is extremely centered or it can make the entire face look asymmetrical.


This piercing was not known in ancient history, nor did it signify anything of importance. It got its name and popularity in the 90’s and has been more popular with women than men, due to its focus on sensual lips. This is not to say men don’t have Cute Medusa Piercingthem as well, because it also looks great on men with full lips as well. This piercing is beautiful and classy, especially above a pair of luscious lips.

The Right Piercer

Since this location is considered an oral piercing as well as a body piercing, it is essential to find a reputable piercer that is well-versed in piercing this area and able to get a symmetrical hole that will keep balance to your face. Many of the reputable piercers will belong to the American Piercers Association and will have a portfolio for you to browse through and see their work product. This area can be prone to infection, due to the oral location, so make sure the equipment is sterile and that you keep up with the recommended after care for the piercing. This piercing usually takes 2-3 months to heal fully, since it is located in the mouth and is a location that is disrupted by eating and talking.

The medusa piercing is an excellent choice for those trying to look a little unique and accentuate their lips. The look is one of pure beauty and sensuality. Take the time to find the perfect piercer and schedule an appointment for them to check the best location and to see their previous work. Make your lips and smile the center of attention.