Metaphysical Properties of Unakite Plugs

Unakite (pronounced yü-nə-kīt) was born from the Unaka Mountains, which run along the borders of Tennessee and North Carolinas. As a semiprecious stone, it combines streaks of green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar as well as some clear quartz in a beautiful combination. Because of this, the stone is considered “altered granite” and is named after a formation that blends two different states. While it is sometimes confused with epidosite, unakite is different because it also contains feldspar.

There are many different uses for this balancing gem. Because it seems to balance its components so well, it is Unakite Stone Ear Gaugesconsidered to help maintain a balance between the mundane and the spiritual life, and in this way creating a feeling of completeness. Because it is believed to also bring back the body’s natural balance, it is also used as a grounding stone.

Unakite is also said to possess some healing qualities as well. It supposedly removes negative energy from the 4th Chakra or the Heart Chakra. Some believe it is also capable of removing blockages from other Chakras, too. The stone has a reputation for stabilizing various body functions such as purifying the blood when worn around the neck or ankles or wrists. This balances impurities and removes any blockages.

Related to the mind, the stone also removes obstacles, especially those associated with personal growth. It helps with things like emotional trauma or pain buried deep in the psyche. Why would one wish to remove these obstacles? Well, the reason is quite obvious- when these obstacles are present, they can affect a person very negatively, and cause all kinds of illnesses incurable by mundane medical treatment.

Unakite is also special in other ways, as it helps build self-confidence. This is due to the fact that it removes the obstacles mentioned above, allowing self-confidence to return and thus grant the person more power as an individual. Lastly, unakite is said to be a benefit for babies and children. When given to a pregnant woman, it is said to bring on a healthy, stable environment with its blending abilities.

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