Need to Hide Your Labret Piercing? Here’s How to Do It

There are many reasons you may need to hide a labret piercing: a new job that doesn’t allow facial piercings, parents that disapprove, or even photos for a special occasion. Rather than remove your jewelry and have it close up completely, there are ways you can safely hide your labret piercing.

Option One: Try a Retainer

If you have a healed labret piercing, you can conceal it by wearing a retainer. Coming in a variety of colors and flesh tones, a retainer is a piece of jewelry that is smaller than a stud and it is designed to keep the piercing hole filled and barely visible. The jewelry is similar to any flat back push pin labret stud and is made from glass or BioFlex.

Kaos Labret Retainer

Option Two: Makeup

If you only need to hide your labret piercing for a short duration of time, you could wear your jewelry backward so that the flat back is on the outside. Then, using a silicone concealer or special effects makeup matching your skin tone, cover the flat end. This method also helps prevent the piercing from closing. However, it’s important to note that this should only be done if your labret piercing is fully healed.

Option Three: Wear a Bandage

While this option is more noticeable than the other two, it still keeps your piercing from being seen. If you only need to be without jewelry or hide your labret for a day or two, and your piercing is fully healed, you can remove the jewelry and place a small bandage over the hole. Rather than thinking you have a piercing, many will believe you are healing a small cut or zit.

Be Sure to Avoid Infection

If you’re considering getting a labret piercing but know you will need to hide it often, you might want to consider waiting. Changing the jewelry prematurely can put you at risk of infection and cause additional trauma to the healing piercing. Additionally, removing the jewelry in a new piercing can lead to it closing prematurely. Therefore, if you are going to get a labret piercing, it’s best to do when you can have the jewelry show.

Centered Labret Piercing

Written by Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel is a poet and Content Account Manager. She has been getting pierced for over 16 years, while taking the time to learn proper aftercare techniques from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) members. Always enamored by the jewelry options that exist for body modifications, she one day hopes to assist clientele with picking out jewelry and styling ears.