Nose & Septum Piercing Designs to Usher in 2024

As the curtain falls on 2023, and the New Year approaches swiftly, it’s the best time of year to reflect. No matter if it’s introspective or surface-level, reflecting can tell us about where we’ve been and where we aim to go. And in the world of body piercings, there’s no exception!

Like fashion, body piercings also run the gamut of seasonal trends, whether coming from the piercing itself or the jewelry that adorns it. And in Winter 2023, one thing’s for certain: there has been a captivating exploration of the avant-garde that’s shaped nose piercings.

Beyond being a mere accessory, nose piercings have become a powerful form of self-expression that effortlessly abide by the ebb and flow of seasonal fashion. Just like cool, winter air, the allure of fresh and innovative nose piercing styles is undoubtedly refreshing.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the 7 most notable nose piercing trends that have punctuated 2023 with style and flair.

Winter Nose & Septum Piercing Trends and Styles

Because Winter in North America tends to be a darker time of year, so too are the styles of nose piercing jewelry. But dark and moody is only one side to this winter fashion. Here are our top 7 favorite nose ring trends of Winter 2023:

1. Incorporating nature-inspired Elements

This winter, nose piercing aficionados are embracing a connection with the natural world through captivating nature-themed designs. Some may resemble the intricate, geometric patterns of a snake, like this scaled hinged segment hoop ring (pictured on the left). Others pay homage to a beautiful winter night sky full of stars, like this 14kt gold twinkle nose screw (pictured on the right and middle).

Gold Nose Rings

These designs not only reflect the metamorphosis of the seasons but also serve as a medium for wearers to express their inner harmony with the ever-changing world around them.

2. Minimalist Septum Rings

Sometimes, we like to step into the realm of understated elegance through minimalist septum rings! Besides, wintertime is all about sleek elegance. These dainty rings use subtle detailing to redefine the boldness of the septum piercing itself—like this stainless steel braided hinged segment ring (pictured on the left). We also love the juxtaposition of a delicate design, like this 14kt gold twisted hinged segment ring (pictured on the right and middle), and a powerful piercing placement like the septum.

Minimal Septum Piercing Rings

These minimalist septum rings create a harmonious balance of refinement and edge, making them a standout choice this winter.

3. Gem Embellishments

Winter never fails to bring a touch of opulence with it, especially when it comes to gemstone nose piercings. Perhaps it’s the way cities are lit up under holiday lights, but we think gemstones are always a crowd pleaser, especially in wintertime. Resonate with the rich hues of the holiday season with this howlite turquoise titanium nose screw (pictured on the left). Or, take the promise of a new year to the next level with a white opalite titanium nose screw (pictured on the right).

Titanium Nose Screws

The result? A perfect fusion of elegance and vibrancy, elevating your nose piercing during such a dazzling time of year.

4. Asymmetrical Nostril & Septum Piercings

Contrary to popular belief, there’s ample opportunity to play around with asymmetry in nose piercings! The year 2023 proved that in full. Curated piercings are in, even for nose jewelry. For example, though septum and nostril piercings are in different locations, you can choose jewelry that coordinates together—whether by color or style.

In this case, we chose this beaded titanium hinged segment ring (pictured on the left) for the septum, complemented by a stainless steel beaded triad L bend nose stud (pictured on the right) in either nostril piercing. Together, the silver beads match while still taking the forms of different shapes. With these contrasting placements, anyone can achieve a dynamic look.

Asymmetrical Nose Rings

5. Minimal Nose Studs

The magnetic allure of geometric shapes in nose piercings is undeniable. Whether it’s triangles, circles, and/or minimalist lines, these studs take center stage, reflecting modernity and precision. With the ball top nosebone (pictured on the left), you’re getting a simple minimalistic design. Or, if you prefer something more, the 14kt gold flat disk L shaped nose ring (pictured on the right) is fantastic for those who still want a geometric style.

Minimal Nose Studs

Whether you’re big and bold or more understated with your shapes, this nose piercing trend is sure to showcase your love of a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic—all winter long.

6. Bold Nose Hoops

Revel in the reinvention of the classic nose hoop with these bold variations on color and shape! For those who love color no matter the time of year, we chose this blue niobium seamless hoop ring (pictured on the left). If you tend to like traditional jewelry colors, this hammered titanium hinged segment ring (pictured on the right and middle) is the perfect option for a spin on the classic nose hoop.

Whether you go for a larger diameter for the look of it, or decorative details for the maximalist inside you, bold nose hoops are the way to exude confidence through body jewelry.

Nose Piercing Hoops

7. Back-to-basics Nosebones

In a nod to the timelessness of winter, we’re going back to the basics. No matter who you are, you can’t go wrong with a classic nosebone. The simplistic charm of the 14kt white gold prong set CZ nosebone (pictured to the left) truly stands the test of time while taking its own spin on the standard nosebone. At the same time, if you want more wintery vibes from your nose ring, choose the white opalite titanium nose bone (pictured to the right). The white gemstone nestled against the black frame is reminiscent of a snowy night in.

Nosebone Studs

Nosebones aren’t just a revival—they’re a celebration of beautiful simplicity. Not to mention, they’re perfectly suited for the winter season.

Caring for nose piercings during winter

Your aftercare routine will always look more-or-less the same, no matter the time of year. Saline spray like Neilmed or sea salt soaks to regularly clean your piercing, especially if it’s brand new.

Avoid using cotton buds or cotton balls on your piercing, as cotton fibers can get left behind and potentially irritate your piercing. The same goes for harsh chemicals or ointments—steer clear of those to avoid trapping dirt and debris near your piercing site!

Specific to this time of year, winter tends to bring runny noses along with it. If you decide to get your nose pierced in the winter months, you may need to clean it more often depending on if you tend to have a drippy nose (we know the struggle!).