Nose Rings and Hoops: What’s your size?

Nose Rings & Hoops

Nose rings are an amazing piece of jewelry that show a nice look and a sassy style. Determining the size that fits you is just as important as selecting the piece of jewelry itself. Nose rings and hoops are great pieces of jewelry for the nostril. The look can really add a new dimension in your life. Below are some tips on how to find that perfect fit.


First, you need to find the gauge that fits you and your nose. The gauge is defined as the thickness of the jewelry item that you are going to wear through your piercing hole. The most common piercing size for a nose ring is an 18 or 20 gauge, which is equivalent to 1mm and 0.8mm, respectively. The higher the gauge number means the smaller the actual size in millimeters. Some people even go teeny tiny and get a 22 gauge, but that is so very small that it may migrate through the nose and not stay above surface when it is that small of a diameter.


This is the size between the inside of the largest width of the hoop. This is important to get right in your sizing, because if the nostril is too high up then you need a smaller diameter and if your nostril is wide you may need a larger diameter. Consider trying on several different diameters to see what fits you best. A professional piercer will know exactly what size looks the best for the location on your individual nostril based on height and width. The most common sizes are 5/16” and 3/8”, which are 8mm and 10mm in physical sizing.

Nose Ring Jewelry


The last part of the selection process is the easy part, which is the style selection. Hoops come in all styles and colors. Maybe you want gold, stainless steel, or maybe something a little flashier like black or colored steel. Rainbow anodized titanium is also a hot look that is trending on the streets. Rose gold is another color that is making a comeback, mainly because it looks very similar to copper. Maybe select a nose screw or a ring that has a captive bead. There are even some that have spikes on each side, which makes for a pretty wicked look. Take some time to look around and see what type of jewelry is available and what type of jewelry is going to fit into your particular style. Try some on or put some up to your nostril and take some photos and think about it.

Nose rings are a great addition to any outfit and can really liven up your style. Spend the time to research and find the exact location for your nostril piercing on your nose. Also, look into the pieces of jewelry gauges and diameters that fit into the unique shape of your nose. Everyone is different and unique and their piercing should also be a unique representation of their style.