Seven Unique Piercings You Hadn’t Thought About… Until Now

Cool Body Piercings

You consider yourself pretty well versed when it comes to piercings. You’ve read up on them, you’ve looked into them, you even have a few! You may have run across the piercings listed below as seven of the unique piercings you hadn’t really thought about, but did you really consider them? Here are seven piercings you may just be itching to try after you read this.

Bridge Piercing

This could technically be two dermal piercings or a surface piercing, depending on how exactly you’d want to go about it, but this piercing runs across the bridge of your nose. There is some variation as to where exactly along the bridge of your nose it is done, but it is very commonly placed right between the eyes. This one is definitely different than your average nose piercing, but if you’re looking to get something truly different, you may have just found your piercing of choice.

Bridge Piercing

Cheek Piercings (Dimples)

Whether you have dimples and are looking to draw the extra attention to them, or you don’t have very prominent cheek dimples and you want to give the illusion that you do, piercing the cheek is a pretty unique and different piercing path to take. These would consist of an oral piercing on each side of the face, through the cheeks where dimples are or would be. If you got them, flaunt them, and if you don’t, you sure can make it seem like it!

Dimple Piercings

Dahlia Piercing

Another double and symmetrical piercing choice, the Dahlia consists of a piercing at both corners of the mouth. This would surely be a unique way to brighten up your smile.

Facial Piercings

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

Defy gravity and shake things up when you get a nontraditional eyebrow piercing that doesn’t actually cross through the eyebrow. This growing trend runs parallel to the eyebrow and creates an interesting visual that is very distinct from a typical eyebrow piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing

 (PHOTO CRED: @kw.k12)

Urban Body Jewelry

Double Nose Piercing

That’s right, we are breaking the rules and saying that earlobes aren’t the only area that can get multiple sets of piercings. The double nose piercing allows for a lot of variety in how you can combine and contrast two separate pieces of jewelry.

Double Nostril Piercing

Triple Conch Piercing

Who doesn’t love combination piercings or multiple piercings where coordinating jewelry can be worn? Use this method in a conch piercing application, and you can really strike piercing gold! Cute studs or a specialty piece could really make this piercing stand out.

Triple Conch Piercing

(PHOTO CRED: @nutty_nat_nat)

Orbital Piercing

Ok, we digress, this is more about unique jewelry choice than a unique piercing itself, but it’s still worthy of the list! Take your simple (but awesome!) conch piercing, but place an orbital piece in it that circles around your ear and to the back, and you have a very unique look!

Orbital Piercing

(PHOTO CRED: @niamhyfitz101)