Single Flare Versus Double Flare Plugs

If you are still a bit of a newbie to stretching, then you need to become familiar with two very different types of plugs. One of these is the single flare plug, and the other is the double flare plug. What is the difference? They sound very similar. But Single Flare Golden Stone Gaugeswhile they might indeed look similar in some cases, these types of plugs are very different and are meant for very different situations as well. A single flare plug is your optimal solution when you are only starting to stretch. The double flare plug, on the other hand, is for more mature piercings that have achieved the new gauge already.

So what does the name of these plugs have to do with their differences? Well, a flare is a sort of lip that prevents the plug from sliding out of the piercing once on. A single flare plug has one such lip- the other side is usually perfectly smooth so as not to damage or irritate the delicate piercing. How do you keep them from falling out? There is a soft rubber O-ring from the back. On the other hand, we have the double flare plug, which, as you might have now guessed, actually has two flares or lips at both ends. Both of them are hard, and thus one will need to be forced through the piercing when worn. For this reason, it is important to only wear the double flare plug if your piercing has been comfortably stretched to the chosen gauge of your plug. Otherwise, the lip can end up damaging or tearing your piercing.

Double flare Plugs Wont Get Lost as Easy as Single Flares

However, while single flare plugs might seem like the safer option, they are sometimes not as attractive as double flare plugs. Some people also do not enjoy having to attach the O-ring from the back, because they might sometimes fall off and Golden Stone Ear Gaugesbe never seen again. But they are great for those who are only first stretching a piercing to a new gauge. As long as the plug has no indent for the O-ring, they will slip simply into place and be easy to use. But, beware of the indent- as this can cause the same kind of painful irritation that a double flare plug can cause if you are only beginning to stretch. Once the process of stretching is done, you can use a double flare plug. A saddle plug is also a great idea, because it has lips that are smoother and go into the piercing easier than the hard, straight edges. Not only can these be made of a number of various materials today, they also stay put well, and are becoming more and more popular.