The Natural Choice: 5 Benefits of Wearing Organic Plugs

5 Benefits of Wearing Organic Plugs

What are Organic Plugs?

Organic plugs are plugs made from the naturally occurring and once living materials of wood, bone, and horn. These materials are harvested and worked into beautiful pieces of jewelry. For reference, non organic plugs are man made materials like acrylic, metal, and silicone—not plugs with GMOs.

The Benefits of Wearing Organic

Plugs There are different benefits for every material, but organic plugs have some important qualities that put them as a frontrunner for everyday wear in healed lobes.

The top 5 benefits of organic plugs are that they are:

  • Non-irritating
  • Lightweight
  • Odor reducing
  • Safe for x-rays, MRIs, and various other medical procedures
  • Fashionable/customizable


The number one benefit of wearing organic plugs is that they are non-irritating to healed skin. Bone, horn, and wood plugs do not cause adverse or allergic reactions to skin like metal can in some people and are gentle on the tissues of the ear lobes. However, If you are still stretching your ears, a nonporous material is needed to be safe and avoid bacteria building up on the healing tissue.


Plugs made from organic materials are much lighter than ones made from metal, glass, or stone. This makes them more comfortable during prolonged wear and puts less strain on the tissue of your ear.

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Odor Reducing

Bone, horn, and wood plugs are porous materials that aid in reducing odors in two ways. The porous materials first allow the ear to breathe, which reduces the amount of the appropriately nicknamed “funk” of discharge and dead skin cells that your ear will produce. Secondly, porous materials are able to absorb some of what the ear produces. On nonporous materials, this funk builds up and leads to an unpleasant odor on your plugs and lobes.

Medically Safe

X-rays, MRIs, and certain surgical tools require that all metal be removed from a patient’s body before the procedure. Bone, horn, or wooden plugs could safely be worn in these circumstances.


Jewelry is made to be decorative and personal. Organic plugs offer many different looks and styles for all personality types.

Bone and horn plugs can be carved with intricate ornamental designs or set with various types of inlays. Wood plugs comes in a rainbow of colors and can also be set with inlays or engraved. Check out all the plugs we offer by material to see our organic plugs.