Top 13 Facial Piercings for Women

Female Face Piercings

There are certain piercings known to accentuate facial features or beauty marks, so it’s no wonder that women benefit from a wider variety of possible piercings. Some of these piercings are generally seen as more feminine, and they are ideal for anyone looking for a new way to spice up their appearance. Below is a handy guide to which piercings are the most popular among women.

#1: Nostril Piercings

Nose piercings are overall the most popular piercings for women. Around 19% of pierced women have at least one nose piercing. Nostril piercings are the most popular of these and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Dainty gemmed nose screws offer a classic look while rings give an edgier vibe. Clear retainers are also an option for discretionary purposes.

Girl Nose Piercing


#2: Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are also popular with women and can be worn with a hoop or clicker to center the face. Septum piercings are generally a more alternative piercing, but they are less painful than nostril piercings since they pierce thin cartilage. Larger jewelry can be worn for a more aggressive look, while smaller jewelry is better for a more feminine appearance. Retainers or flipping jewelry up in the nose is a convenient option for more formal settings.

Septum Piercing Girl

#3: Helix Piercings

Around 13% of pierced women are estimated to have an ear cartilage piercing. Cartilage piercings are some of the most work-friendly piercings out there since they tend to be less directly visible. Helix piercings wrap around the outer edge of the ear with one end on the outside of the ear and the other on the inside. Helix piercings are generally worn with either rings or circular barbells that will accentuate the piercing.

Girl Helix Piercing

#4 Conch Piercings

Conch piercings are a different type of cartilage piercing that are inside the inner curve of the ear. The name “conch” refers to the inner shell of the ear like a conch shell. Inner conch piercings are generally higher on the round part of the ear, while outer conch piercings are generally lower. Conch piercings are usually worn with either labret or curved barbell jewelry depending on the length and preference of the wearer.

Female Conch Piercing

#5: Daith Piercings

Daith piercings are located on the ridge of cartilage directly above the entrance to the ear canal. They are usually worn with ring jewelry to accentuate the curve of the ear and are one of the more unique cartilage piercings because of their location.

Right Side Daith Piercing

#6: Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercings are located directly in front of the ear canal on the small piece of cartilage that juts out. These cartilage piercings are normally worn with either short labret jewelry or small rings since they are located in a more delicate area. Gemmed jewelry can add a little bit of style to further accentuate this eccentric piercing.

Girl Tragus Piercing

#7: Industrial Piercings

Industrial piercings definitely require the most commitment out of all the cartilage piercings. This piercing breaches the entire top of the ear and is technically two piercings in one. One side of the piercing is on the upper edge of the ear, while the other side pierces through the outer side of the ear like a helix piercing. These piercings are worn with long straight barbells that are guaranteed to reach each side of the piercing. Industrial piercings require a fair amount of dedication and are usually easier to maintain after healing other cartilage piercings.

Girl with a Industrial

#8: Tongue Piercings

Around 10% of pierced women have a tongue piercing, making them the third most popular piercings among women. Tongue piercings are often seen as a mark of sexuality and offer new and exciting possibilities. These piercings require straight barbell jewelry to keep them intact. Interchangeable jewelry ends allow endless options for different occasions.

Girl Tongue Piercing

#9: Lip Piercings

Additionally, about 4% of women have at least one lip piercing. Side lip piercings are some of the most common lip piercings, while having “snakebites” (both sides pierced) provides a symmetrical approach. These piercings can be worn with either labret jewelry or rings depending on what look is desired.

Single & Double Lip Piercing

#10: Labret Piercings

The labret piercing sits in the middle of the bottom lip. These piercings can either be situated at the lip line or further down toward the chin depending on preference. Piercings at the lip line can be worn with labret jewelry, rings, or circular barbells, while lower piercings are usually only worn with labret jewelry.

Girl Labret Piercing

#11: Monroe Piercings

Monroe piercings are generally the most popular of the upper lip piercings. The monroe imitates the beauty mark that Marilyn Monroe had, and is usually worn with labret jewelry. Gemmed ends are popular for this piercing to subtly accentuate the mark and curve of the lips.

Female Monroe Piercing

#12: Medusa Piercings

Similar to the monroe, the medusa piercing is also considered a feminine piercing. Medusa piercings are aligned in the middle of the upper lip directly under the nose. The medusa, like the septum and labret piercings, helps to center the face. Medusa piercings are usually worn with labret jewelry, however rings or circular barbells are a more creative option if the jewelry is sized properly.

Philtrum Piercing

#13: Eyebrow Piercings

Approximately 8% of pierced women have an eyebrow piercing. These piercings rank at fourth place among popular facial piercings for women. Since eyebrow piercings are surface piercings, there is a higher risk of migration or rejection than some others. These piercings need to be set deeper in the skin to heighten the likelihood of them staying in place. Curved barbells are a common jewelry staple for eyebrow piercings, but rings or circular barbells can also be used if they are properly sized.

Girl with Pierced Eyebrow

These are some of the most popular piercings for women because of their appearance or functionality. Many of these piercings offer a more feminine look and accentuate different desirable facial features. While some of them have differing pain thresholds or healing strategies associated with them, they are all great options for trying something new.

Written by Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel is a poet and Content Account Manager. She has been getting pierced for over 16 years, while taking the time to learn proper aftercare techniques from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) members. Always enamored by the jewelry options that exist for body modifications, she one day hopes to assist clientele with picking out jewelry and styling ears.