What is a Heartilage Piercing and Why is it Trending?

Heartilage Piercing

A Heartilage piercing is a new ear piercing trend that started to gain traction this year in New York and has since spread worldwide through countless Instagram citing. It was named by the site Popsugar because essentially it's two side by side cartilage piercings connected by a ring that has been bent into the shape of a heart. We're in love with this earring trend and think it breathes new life into an old staple!

How Did it Gain It's Trending Status?

Following on from his success with his heart daith piercings – where he again bends a ring into a heart shape - Robbie Milian is the most visible piercer doing these heartilage piercings. He says that it all started by taking off the balls of a simple cartilage bar and turning the ends inwards!

The procedure of this piercing is pretty interesting because often it's described as bending jewelry that has already been placed into the piercing. This is so that the shape fits perfectly to the anatomy of the wearer.

Milian works at the West 4 Tattoo shop that caters to celebrity clients like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. It's not wonder this trend got snapped up so quickly!

The Heartilage Piercing

How Can I Get a Heartilage Piercing?

Most piercers are experts at bending and shaping piercing jewelry already! So, I'm sure if you ask around at your local piercing studios you might find someone who has heard of them or find someone willing to give it a try. As long as the piercer is qualified and the store is reputable there isn't much that can go wrong. Even if the heart shape of the jewelry doesn't turn out quite the way you expected or you grow tired of the look, you can opt out by rocking two simple studs in your cartilage instead.

Make sure you bring a picture with you, so that your piercer knows exactly what you want. You don't want to end up with something completely different because this heartilage piercing was lost in translation.

If you're interested in getting a heartilage piercing and are wondering what to expect, check out our cartilage piercing FAQ that has heaps of information all about the process and after care.

Heartilage Piercing Jewelry

This is a great trend for those wanting something a bit different! It's also great if you want to layer up more ear piercings on top of old ear piercings. Let us know what you think! Would you get a heartilage piercing? Let us know!