What's Hot and What's Not – What to Look for in Fashion-Forward Piercing Jewelry for 2023

While we might be more than halfway through 2023 already, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to embrace the many fashion trends that have come with it. From the rise of early aughts fashion to the iconic minimalist “clean girl” aesthetic, millenials and Gen Z alike are unapologetically embodying what it means live out your own personal expression.

One type of fashion in particular—body piercings and body jewelry—is providing another unique outlet for self expression. Because a piercing is more permanent than new clothes, it can be perceived as a bold statement. And with the right kind of body jewelry, any individual can enhance the vibe they’re trying to achieve, while at the same time, encouraging peers to do the same.

Yet, like fashion trends, body jewelry tends are constantly evolving, making it a truly exciting industry. In fact, it can be seen as a kind of litmus test for the cultural landscape of the time, making it all the more interesting.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top body jewelry trends of 2023, along with some popular ear and facial piercing trends of now.

Latest Trends in Piercing Jewelry for 2023

Everyone may have their own style, but rest assured that these top three body jewelry trends can suit anyone bold enough to try them.

Minimal and Delicate Designs

The “clean girl” aesthetic has been on the rise thanks to several TikTok influencers coining the phrase. The aesthetic pulls from minimalistic decor elements and applies it to fashion, jewelry, hair, and skincare.

Those who evoke the “clean girl” vibe tend to sport a monochromatic wardrobe and design, and this is something that lends itself to body jewelry. For example, this rose gold PVD angled titanium hinged segment ring is a great option for any minimalists out there. Though it’s simple, the angled texture offers a look and feel that is unique yet subtle.

Rose gold PVD angled titanium hinged segment ring

Statement Pieces and Unique Shapes

Perhaps the polar opposite of minimalism would be a statement piece. This kind of body jewelry is designed to attract attention using different geometric shapes, colors, and designs. Since the idea of self expression is in full bloom in 2023, statement pieces are more common than ever.

This bar clear CZ double dangle chain titanium internally threaded labret is a great example of a statement piece. Its cubic zirconium gems catch the light beautifully while the chains add a layer of excitement to the mix.

Bar clear CZ double dangle chain titanium internally threaded labret

Mixing Materials and Textures

A big trend we’ve seen this year is mixing materials, colors, textures…the list goes on. Gone are the days of matching every piece of clothing or jewelry you decide to wear. Instead, people are embracing this mismatching as an artistic choice. In a way, this trend evokes one of the many aspects of “camp,” which is another trend running wild in 2023.

Jewelry like this aqua double glitterball stainless steel curved barbell embodies this idea. While the middle is smooth and silver, the balls on either end are brightly colored and dotted with crystals for extra texture and flair.

aqua double glitterball stainless steel curved barbell

Must-Have Piercing Jewelry Types for 2023

If you have yet to get a new piercing in 2023, you still have plenty of time. There are several piercings that have skyrocketed in popularity this year. Needless to say, it’s the perfect time to try something new before the next trends are ushered in.

Top Ear Piercing Jewelry Styles

While the ear is a rather standard place to have pierced, there are many ear piercings that are unique in and of themselves, while also being currently popular.

The first is creating an ear constellation. Essentially, ear constellations are a grouping of several piercings in the same area to create the effect of a constellation of stars. Ear constellations are popular near the ear lobe, but also up and down the helix spectrum too.

Cartilage Ear Piercing Jewelry Styles

On a similar page, a forward helix piercing is another piercing rising in popularity. Located just above your tragus in a fold of cartilage, the forward helix is a great place for a beautiful stud or a dainty hoop.

Lastly, both the tragus and antitragus are unique and popular options. The tragus is the notch of cartilage near the entrance to your ear canal while the antitragus is a ridge of cartilage just above your earlobe.

These piercings accommodate hoops extremely well. People tend to coordinate the jewelry in both of these piercings, too, since they’re so close to one another.

Trending Facial Piercings

In general, facial piercings have increased since we entered the 2020s. Now, they’re more commonplace as ever, so don’t miss the opportunity while it’s hot!

The septum piercing is an obvious trend with the rise of “e-girl” and “e-boy” culture, fueled through TikTok and other social media platforms.The septum, or bridge of cartilage between your nostrils, is an edgier type of piercing, but it can fit just about any vibe, depending on the jewelry you choose.

Eyebrow piercings are coming back in style, too. Primarily a piercing of the 90s, the eyebrow piercing was a statement of rebellion, similar to the septum. Those who value self expression know that this punk-rock-esque piercing is a no-brainer.

Helix & Septum Piercings

Last but not least, lip piercings are hot this year, too. Not just any piercing, though—we’re talking about the medusa. Centered in your cupid’s bow above the top lip, the medusa is a unique lip piercing that accentuates the fullness of anyone’s top lip. Its placement allows for fun gemstones and colors, making it an ultimate statement piece for those looking to amp up their body jewelry repertoire.

Choosing Piercing Jewelry that Suites Your Style

In 2023, there is no shortage of trends to follow. Yet, when you find one that speaks to you, there are countless ways to use it and express yourself. Stainless steel body jewelry is an awesome way to show the world your style, no matter its piercing location. Even if you like going against the grain, Urban Body Jewelry will have the selection you’re looking for—from head to toe.

Photo cred: Joshua Rondeau