Your Nose Knows Best: Types of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercing Information

Nose piercings are trendy and have been popular for many years. However, deciding just where to place that type of piercing can be a tough decision to make. A lot of times the piercer will tell you what type of piercing fits best with your nose shape and size. But you have to decide what type of look you are going for.


The history of nose piercings dates back to the lands of India, Nepal, and the Australian Aboriginal cultures. In India, the piercings are a sign of beauty and class status. They also believed that if pierced on the left side that childbirth is easier. The gold nose piercings are a sign of worth and pays homage to the goddess of marriage. They are more popular in women than men and have become a popular choice in America since the 80’s.

Types of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings are all about the placement. The best placement depends on the shape and size of your nose. Check out Girl With Nose Piercedthe different options here.

Nostril - This is the standard nose piercing where the stud with a flat backing or ball closure or a loop is placed just above the nostril. These can be very cute piercings. Some even choose to put the piercing up a bit higher, closer to the bone, which is called a high nostril piercing.

Nose Tip - This is a less popular piercing that comes through a nostril and out the tip of the nose. This piercing is commonly adorned with a barbell piece of jewelry. It is usually pierced vertically to the tip.

Nasallang - This is a unique and a little wild type of nose piercing. The left and right nostril is pierced all the way through the septum with one piece of jewelry. This style of piercing requires a long barbell piercing to reach through both holes and the septum.

Bridge - This is the piercing done across the bridge of the nose. It is only beneath the skin and is not suggested for wearers of glasses, as this is where the glasses sit on the nose. This type of piercing can detract from the wide shape of a nose bridge and make the nose look narrower. The jewelry used for this piercing is a barbell.

Nose Ring HoopSeptum - This piercing is pretty popular nowadays, especially because it can be flipped up in the nostril to hide if you have work or a professional engagement. The captive bead ring is a popular choice for this type of piercing or a circular barbell.

As stated, there are many variations to the standard nostril piercing that can be performed. The type of piercing is really up to the person being pierced, but some of the options are more unique and bold than others. Determine what style you are looking for and then see if it is conductible to your lifestyle and workplace. The best piercing for your nose is the one you choose that fits you personally.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Baker, CC BY-SA'