Black Horn Septum Spike


Sold individually (1 piece)
Water buffalo horn
Sizes: 16G, 14G, 12G 10G, 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 1G, 0G, 9mm, 00G
14G (1.6mm) Length: 40mm
12G (2mm) Length: 40mm
10G (2.5mm) Length: 40mm
8G (3mm): Length: 40mm
6G (4mm): Length: 42mm
4G (5mm): Length: 50mm
2G (6mm): Length: 52mm
1G (7mm): Length: 52mm
0G (8mm): Length: 55mm
9mm: Length: 56mm
00G (10mm): Length: 65mm

This Black Horn Septum Spike features an individual piece of buffalo horn in a range of sizes, from 16G to 00G, to fit any piercing. Each spike measures 40mm and up, depending on the size you select. Our water buffalo horn is ethically sourced for comfort and quality.

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