Round Void Areng Wood Plugs


Sold in pairs (2 pieces) 
Areng wood 
Double flare 
Flat sides 
9mm hole on the side
Pick from 6G up to 2 inch 
Full Lengths: 6G - 1/2": 9mm-11mm, 9/16" - 2": 11mm -13mm
Wearable area: 6G - 1/2": 8mm-10mm, 9/16" - 2": 10mm - 12mm


Complete your look with a pair of Round Void Areng Wood Plugs! Featuring a double flare style with flat sides and a 9mm hole accent. Made of saba wood. Pick from 6G (4mm) up to 2 inch (51mm), with full lengths ranging from 9mm-13mm and wearable area from 8mm-12mm. Sold in pairs (2pcs).

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