Black Glass Plugs - Single Flare


Sold in pairs Black glass design Single flares Smooth & shiny 8G - 21mm For special size specs see below 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 20mm, 21mm Length: 15mm Wearbale surface: 10mm Sizes might be off by 0.1mm - 0.3mm due to them being hand made

These classic black plugs have single flares and are smooth and shiny. The visible parts of each plug are black, though the remainder is clear since they’re made of glass. They’re sold in pairs, though each plug may be slightly different due to the nature of the material.We’ll do our best to provide you with a matching pair, though. Get your Single Flare Black Glass Plugs in any of the following sizes: 16G (1.2mm), 14G (1.6mm), 12G (2mm), 10G (2.5mm), 8 gauge (3.2mm), 6 gauge (4mm), 4 gauge (5mm), 2 gauge (6mm), 1. gauge (7mm), 0 gauge (8mm), 9mm, 00 gauge (10mm), 1/2 inch (12mm), 9/16 inch (14mm), 5/8 inch (16mm), and 3/4 inch (19mm).

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