Areng Wood Teardrop Plugs


Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Double flare Teardrop shape For healed piercings Areng wood Pattern & color will be unqiue for each plug Handcrafted

Sold in pairs

Double flares

Teardrop shaped

00G - 73mm

Not for freshly stretched ears


Polished & smooth

(8mm) H: 9.1mm x L: 6.75mm

(9.5mm) H: 11.15mm x L: 8.2mm

(11mm) H: 13.2mm x L:10.1mm

(12mm) H: 14mm x L: 11.27mm

(16mm) H: 17.3 x L: 13.3mm

(18.5mm) H: 21.13mm x L: 16.3mm

(22mm) H: 25.4mm x L: 18.8mm

(24.5mm) H: 28.3mm x L: 20.6mm

(29mm) H: 34.1mm x L: 24.3mm

(32mm) H: 38mm x L: 26.5mm

NOTICE: Each and every plug is slightly different due to the nature of the wood.
We do our best to give you a matching pair

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