Eyebrow piercings can be found on all types of people from almost every single walk of life. They are very popular and provide another aspect of body piercings that many find very attractive and elegant to say the least. Eyebrow piercing has been around for quite some time, and in fact was very popular in the UK in the early 60's and 70's during the punk era. People have been unable to pinpoint when it finally reached the western states but the fact is it has grown in popularity ever since.

Over the last couple of decades you've probably seen a new trend in fashion and eyebrow piercings have been a part of it. Although it has gained popularity in the last several years, there are some fascinating facts that may interest you about this style of piercing such as the rings, jewelry, and the proper care methods needed to ensure you're piercing turns out perfect. The fascination with this style of piercing is how easy it is to perform. The eyebrow is a great area to choose if you have a popular piercing in mind.

This type of piercing can usually be located in any area of the eyebrow and normally it is pierced vertically. As long as the piercing is properly located, the jewelry you chose will simply look fascinating. Many people will have the piercing done and decide on the type of eyebrow rings they want at a later date after the piercing is fully healed. 

Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

There are so many types of eyebrow jewelry to choose from you surely don't want to be limited by the selective location of your piercing. It's always a good idea to stop in at a professional body piercing location to look through their portfolio on all the options available. When choosing the type of jewelry available, you will find captive bead rings, curved barbells jewelry that can be used. Many that have chosen an eyebrow piercing have done so with something specific in mind. This is because they saw someone that had exactly what they wanted.

This is normally the way people have found the attraction to this type of piercing because of the type of work someone else had done. If you've made up your mind, talked to the professionals, picked out the jewelry, and had the piercing done, you will surely want to know how to take care of your new piercing. Once the piercing has been done, the healing process will take from 6-7 weeks to completely heal. Now, everyone is different so this could vary. The healing process will also depend on how you care for your piercing, but all in all 1 ½ to 2 months.

Caring For Your New Eyebrow Piercing

It will be very important to keep the eyebrow area clean because the eyebrow is what keeps dirt out of your eye. So it's important to know that your eyebrow will get a little build up of dirt if you aren't careful. You do not want an infection in this area so you must be very diligent when it comes to keeping this area clean. When the proper care has been taken and the eyebrow has healed, you'll be ready to wear any type of eyebrow jewelry you desire. If you find body piercings attractive, eyebrow piercings provide a little elegance and glamour for all those that choose this type of piercing.

What Gauge are Eyebrow Piercings?

Eyebrow piercings are normally pierced at a size 16 gauge.

What are The Different Types of Eyebrow Piercings?

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

Two types of eyebrow piercings exist to fit your needs: the vertical or the horizontal eyebrow piercing. Vertical eyebrow piercings are the more common piercing because they are easy to manage, heal relatively quickly, and offer a ton of jewelry options. Vertical eyebrow piercings get their name from their position on the face, with one end above and one end below the eyebrow. Rings can also be used in this piercing for an edgy look.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

The horizontal eyebrow piercing is the more unique piercing of the two, since it is technically located just above the eyebrow. However, the horizontal eyebrow is defined as a surface piercing and this can cause some problems. Migrating is common for surface piercings, meaning the jewelry could move around and come out or cause more scar tissue to form. Evaluating potential risks is essential for any new piercing, and only you know which piercing is right for