Hiding a Septum Piercing

Do you need to hide your septum piercing for work, school, etc.? No problem! A unique benefit to the septum piercing is the ability to keep it hidden from view. Here are a couple of easy tricks to hide your septum piercing.

1. Flip Up Your Septum Jewelry

This means to rotate your septum jewelry up into your nose, so it rests out of sight. This trick is not recommended for new piercings or during healing because it can irritate the tissue, possibly causing damage or tearing, which can lead to infection. When your septum piercing is healed, you can easily and painlessly try this trick out with horseshoe-shaped jewelry like curved barbells when you need to keep your septum piercing hidden. Keep in mind that everyone’s anatomy is different, so this may not work for every person or with every piece of septum jewelry.

2. Wear a Septum Retainer

A septum retainer is a piece of jewelry designed specifically to hide in the nose versus hanging down decoratively. It's a smaller piece of jewelry that will have a snugger fit, usually made from glass, steel, titanium, or acrylic. Most retainers can actually be flipped down and be visible if desired too. Septum piercings are usually pierced with a horseshoe barbell or circular barbell, so if you are going to need to hide it during healing, a retainer is a safer way to go to. Let your piercer know ahead of your piercing if you want a septum retainer.

Clear Septum Retainer

Most piercings need to be covered with tape or removed to be hidden, but septum piercings are more flexible. Remember to always wash hands before and after touching your septum jewelry. You should leave a new septum piercing alone for 6-8 weeks before changing or flipping up the jewelry. If you have to hide your piercing before then, we recommend visiting your piercer to have them help you move it or change to a retainer to help avoid irritation and infection.