Septum Clicker Instructions

Septum clickers have been so popular! There’s no doubt you’ve seen at least one person wearing them before. You might not even have realized it. They come in so many styles, are usually more suitable for smaller sized septum piercings and are super easy to insert. Find out the step by step process below.

This process works easily with both hinged clicker rings - which are probably the most common and are basically decorated with a simple sleek ring and sometimes a bead to decorate – or with the straight bared septum clicker.

Step one

Find the segment of the ring right before the little hinge and pull it up.

Step two

Take the open ring and slide it into your nose. If you find the jewelry painful to insert, try using jojoba oil or even water to lubricate the piercing in order for it to slide more easily inside. If it’s increasingly painful, you might be using the wrong size jewelry and will want to stop immediately before you damage your piercing.

New Septum Rings

Step three

Slide the open segment to the bottom of your nose, sitting completely outside of the nostril. You don’t want to get these babies caught on your skin when you close them!

Hold the ring firmly with one hand.

Step five

Grabbing the hinged segment of the septum clicker, slide it up to meet the other edge of the ring and “snap” or “click” it into place. This is why it’s called a septum clicker.

Most septum clickers in the shape of a circular ring have a hinge and segment that is easily hidden when closed. But if you’re desperate for the smoothest finish, just spin the jewelry until the hinge segment is tucked up into your nose and out of sight. For straight bared septum clickers, the hinges should be completely hidden already.

There you go! There’s nothing to it!

For a guided explanation and to watch someone actually insert each of these septum clickers, check out our video below and also on the Urban Body Jewelry YouTube page.