Body art in the form of body and lip piercings has been sweeping the country and the world for some time now. People are beginning to really find a sort of self expression in this type of body art than anything else ever known. But if you really want to know the truth about lip rings and labret piercing, this type of art has been around for centuries and has only become popular in our culture as of recent. In this article you will discover a small amount of history on lip and labret piercing, as well as the type of lip piercing and jewelry that is used for such beautiful body art.

Lip Piercing and Lip Rings

This type of piercing has gone on for ages in the Aztec and Mayan cultures, and was really used for status and in some cases simply for beauty. There were different types of jewelry that would be used, but mainly it was gold, silver, tusks and spikes. This method of body art was not taken lightly, and anyone that was known to wear it was normally from a higher level of society.

Labret Piercing

This type of piercing was a little different but was also very popular in or around the time of pre-Columbia. Much of this type of piercing was found to be located in the middle above the chin and below the lip. Gold, silver, and jewels of all types would be inserted in these piercings allowing the person wearing them popularity and stature almost as if they were royalty.

Western Culture Lip Piercing

In the last couple of decades, body piercings of all types has become extremely popular all over the world and mainly in the west, but none has been more popularized than lip piercings. Depending on the individual, these piercings can be located in various areas of the lower lip. However, labrets are normally below the center of the lower lip and above the chin, whereas a basic lip ring can be located to the left or right of the mouth.

The Jewelry

As stated before, there are all types of jewelry that can be used but mainly 18 carat gold, surgical steel, niobium, and titanium jewelry are the most recommended for health reasons. Because of the options listed above, there are all types of options available when it comes to the type of studs or jewels a person can use when having their lip pierced.

Taking Care of Your Piercing

First and foremost, having your piercings done by a professional is highly recommended. The person chosen should have some type of history when it comes to the type of piercings you're trying to get. When the piercing is done correctly, it will not rub on the inside of the gums. You will also want to take great care in avoiding an infection by rinsing your mouth regularly using an antibacterial rinse or mouthwash. Alcohol and smoking will increase the chance of infection, so beware of these products. The person providing the piercing service should also make you aware of taking plenty of vitamin C and Zinc supplements. This will cut down the healing time to a minimal, allowing you to get on with your busy lifestyle.

Knowing as much as you can when it comes to any type of piercings will be really important especially if you plan to get some work done soon. Although lip and labret piercing is very popular, making sure you have yours done the right way will ensure your satisfaction once your piercing has been finished.