Out of all the different types of body piercing there is one style that stands out more than most, and that will be the Monroe Piercing. Cleverly named after the late actress Marilyn Monroe and her lovely birthmark, this style of piercing has over run the piercing world and has been one of the most requested piercings available. Now, some may refer to this piercing as the Crawford as well, and this would be considered to be correct because the general idea is to have the piercing done above the center of the upper lip and to the left. Both Ms Crawford and Monroe were gifted with birthmarks that will be forever known as the ultimate mark of beauty.

Although this style of piercing has gained in popularity, there is another variation of this piercing that has also been used and that is the Madonna piercing which is on the opposite side of the upper lip. When having the piercing done, you will want to make sure you have this information correct or you may end up with a piercing on the opposite side of the intended location. Because of the popularity of this piercing, this article will shed some light on the other aspects of this phenomenon such as rings, jewelry, and information that will help you make an educated decision when deciding whether this style of piercing is for you.

Monroe Rings

If you're getting a Monroe piercing, you will want to choose the right type of Monroe piercing Jewelry that will not only look extremely nice, but something that will stand out and have people taking notice. At first, you'll more than likely be fitted with a surgical stud or labret. This will help during the healing period and will help to ensure there are no infections or issues that will prevent you from wearing that perfect piece of jewelry once everything is said and done.

Monroe Piercing Information

If you've chosen to go through with this type of piercing, it can be done relatively quickly. When choosing a person to handle the piercing for you, you'll want to make sure they are professionals and know what they're doing. Clean office and plenty of clients is what most people look for. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once it's been done, you will more than likely leave with a fitted surgical labret that can be changed later to the labret you desire.

Monroe Piercing After Care

Once the process has been completed, it will take from 3 to 10 weeks to heal depending on the person and how effective they are at keeping their lip clean. The recommendation is to eat plenty of ice to keep the swelling down and to rinse your mouth out with and antibacterial mouthwash. Some of the swelling may be a little unusual but this is all relative to the location of the piercing.

Monroe piercings are extremely popular and because of this they are typically chosen over many different types of piercings. If you've decided to have this style of piercing performed, you will find that although the piercing is small, there is a very large following for the ultimate mark of beauty.