Plug Ear Gauges Types

Jewelry Types for Stretched Piercings

Plugs and tunnels are the most basic types of body jewelry available today. Each type of jewelry offers different options depending on the look and needs of any piercing. These five main jewelry styles are essential to any collection no matter how long you’ve had a stretched piercing. If you’re new to body modification and aren’t sure where to start, read ahead for a quick guide on what your options are.

Double Flare Plugs

Double flare plugs are the easiest jewelry to keep track of, in that there is less worry about them falling out. “Double flare” indicates that each side of the plug slightly flares out to a larger lip compared to the inner wearable area of the plug. This also adds to the effect of your piercing looking slightly larger and more even. Double flared jewelry is ideal for stretched piercings that need a bigger lip to keep it intact.

Single Flare Plugs

Similar to double flares, single flare plugs are only flared on one side. The other (back) side usually has a small rubber band called an o-ring to hold it in place. If you’re looking for the flared look without the hassle of stretching your lobe over a larger flare, this option might be for you. Single flared plugs are especially ideal for use immediately after stretching when your piercing is most sensitive, so you can recover without sacrificing style.

No Flare

No flare plugs are flat across the entire plug with no flares on either end. This style requires a little more responsibility since there are o-rings on each side of the jewelry to keep it intact. No flare plugs can also cause you to pinch your skin with the o-rings when you adjust them. It’s all about the look you’re trying to achieve since no flare plugs offer a unique look compared to their flared counterparts.

Tunnels & Eyelets

Eyelets are a different way of describing tunnels and vice versa. This jewelry type is hollow in the middle so you can see through your piercing instead of having a solid plug. Tunnels are especially ideal for larger stretched piercings because using plugs can get heavy with increased size. They are also ideal for anyone wanting a lighter feel, or just after stretching to minimize irritation from pulling.

Teardrop Shaped

Teardrop plugs are a purely aesthetic touch to any piercing. Teardrop plugs come in both solid and tunnel versions depending on your needs, and they are an excellent variation to normal round plugs.  

Body Jewelry Terminology

Straight Barbell

Straight barbells can be utilized in many piercings. Shorter straight barbells are widely used for tongue piercings, while longer barbells are commonly used for industrial piercings. Straight barbells are also the best option for healing a nipple piercing. Size and length will vary depending on what piercing you have and personal anatomy.


Originally designed for lip piercings, labret jewelry is now being used for a variety of piercing types.Labrets are made with a flat disk attached to one end of a post, making them ideal for inside the mouth or behind the ear. Labrets are also convenient for Monroe & Medusa piercings on the upper lip. Similarly, there are many ear placement options that the labret can comfortably be worn in.

 Curved Barbell

Curved barbells are just as versatile as straight barbells, and can be customized for any size, length or style. Widely seen in rook, eyebrow, daith, and navel piercings, curved barbells start at size 16g and scale up to 00g. Like straight barbells, size and length will vary depending on your piercing and anatomy.

 Captive Bead Ring

Captive bead rings are one of the original styles of jewelry from the 1970s, and can be used in a variety of piercings with varying success. This style is comprised of a solid ring with a ball that snaps into place so that your jewelry stays secure. Earlobes, cartilage, rooks, and tragus piercings are most commonly healed with captive rings. However, once your piercing is fully healed, you can to switch your jewelry to a different style if you desire.

 Circular Barbell

Circular barbells, like captive rings, are popular choices for septum, helix, and earlobe piercings. Circular barbells are sometimes used for stretched earlobes and come in a variety of styles depending on preference. Circular barbells are great for septum piercings since their partially open shape allows for tucking the jewelry up into the nostrils without removing the piercing.

 Navel / Belly Ring

Navel rings are designed specifically for use with belly piercings, and are fully customizable for length and curvature. As navel piercings continue to remain popular, there are countless cute and stylish options readily available on the market.

 Seamless & Hinged Rings

Seamless rings and hinged segment rings allow individuals to wear body jewelry for extended periods of time. Ideal for anyone not wanting to thread balls, or other fasteners, hinged segment rings close like a door and lock into place. This closure allows for a complete rotation through the piercing without opening, just like seamless rings. Seamless rings can often be bent to open, and then bent back to close without the use of a captive ball or other pieces. Due to their simple nature, these types of jewelry are ideal for longer term wear.

 Nostril / Nose Rings

Nostril screws are considered to be most suitable option for nose piercings since the jewelry is designed with anatomy in mind. Created for continued comfort in the nostril, nostril screws are designed to easily slip into the appropriate position and remain stable through everyday wear.

Closing Thoughts 

It is important to consider your needs when choosing jewelry. Keep this in mind especially if you are new to stretching your piercing. Stretching puts heavy stress on your piercing and you need to choose your jewelry based on comfortability and ease of aftercare.