How To Threadless Body Jewelry

Threadless body jewelry has been around in the piercing industry for quite some time now, but it has only recently started to gain popularity with the public. These pieces are known for their ease of wear, and they come in either labret or barbell styles with disk or ball backings for a classic fit. Threadless jewelry comes in a variety of sizes and materials to fit your individual style. This jewelry type is one of the most convenient variations of body jewelry because it doesn’t require much upkeep and doesn’t fall out very easily. There are also plenty of different ends to choose from to completely personalize your jewelry.

Why Are Threadless Styles Better?

Threadless jewelry is a great alternative for anyone that doesn’t want a threaded end on their body jewelry for whatever reason. Threadless styles are currently only available in either barbell (ball) or labret (disk) variations. Any piercing that requires barbells or labret styles can comfortably wear threadless jewelry. This type is especially convenient for nostril or tragus piercings that usually require more complicated jewelry like nose screws. With threadless styles, you just click everything into place and forget about it without any worries.

Threadless jewelry used to only be popular in the piercing community and smaller styles were less sought after. However, today the most popular size of threadless jewelry is 18g, and perfect for anyone wanting a dainty look to their piercing. Piercings with threadless jewelry also sometimes heal better because there is no immediate need for taking out your piercing or replacing ends when one falls off. Anything to minimize movement on a healing piercing will help it heal faster.

How Does Threadless Body Jewelry Attach?

Threadless jewelry is well known for being one of the most user-friendly types of jewelry available today. Any sort of threadless jewelry has the same “pushpin” mechanism of basically pushing a pin into a post. You select a post (either labret or barbell) and then a ball or end piece that attaches to the other side. The end piece you choose has a stem on it, and the associated post is hollow. The end piece slides into the post and voila, your jewelry is attached!

This jewelry is designed to snap into place tightly with a seamless fit. The first time you put your jewelry on, you’ll have to fit it so that it snaps into place accordingly. Fitting a simple process that can be completed in minutes. Skip to the end for a convenient guide on how to do fit your threadless jewelry!

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How Customizable is Threadless Body Jewelry?

Because of the recent surge in popularity of threadless jewelry, there are plenty of options available to customize it however you want. Most threadless posts are made of titanium, which is especially ideal for anyone wanting a hypoallergenic and non-reactive jewelry option. Titanium is also preferred because it can be anodized into different colors for a unique look. Stainless steel variations are available in similar styles. Threadless pieces come in a wide variety of lengths depending on the needs of your piercing.

Since the two pieces of threadless jewelry are sold separately, you can customize both the post and end you get. Some popular styles for ends include gold styles, flower styles, gemmed ends, anodized titanium ends of different colors, and dainty styles that go with anything. This style is convenient because it allows you to have multiple ends to fit your mood or outfit. As long as you have one post, there are endless options to choose from!


How Do I Fit My Threadless Jewelry?

When you first get your threadless jewelry, you may notice that it doesn’t click into place automatically. This is because you have to fit it before wearing it. This fitting process creates the resistance necessary for the jewelry to click into place and stay locked in. Please refer to the steps below to make sure your jewelry is fitted properly before inserting it into your piercing.

  • 1. Take each piece of jewelry (end and post) and line them up with each other like you’re going to assemble them. Stick the straight stem into the hollow end of the post just slightly.
  • 2. With the end of the hollow part, move to bend the stem at the tip very slightly. This should be a tiny movement so that the end of the stem is minimally bent upon observation.
  • 3. Pull the stem out of the post and push it all the way back into the hollow part. If you feel a click or resistance upon trying to pull the stem back out, you have successfully fitted your jewelry!
  • 4. In the case that maybe you have bent your jewelry a little too much or not enough, don’t hesitate to try these steps again until you get to a comfortable fit. You want your jewelry to be somewhere between falling out and so tight you can’t get it off.

One thing to watch out for with threadless jewelry is irritation. This usually comes from frequently changing out the end pieces. Replacing these end pieces often can irritate your piercing since it’s being jostled around a lot. Especially if your piercing is relatively new, try to stick to one consistent end piece you like until the swelling eases up. This irritation is always something to watch out for, but it is especially important to keep in mind during the healing phase.

Overall, threadless styles are some of the most sought-after pieces of body jewelry for how convenient and reliable they are. Unlike threaded pieces, there is no worry about having to replace balls and ends. Since they are made in both labret and barbell styles, they are suitable for almost any piercing and can be customized by size, color and end pieces to achieve the perfect look. If you’ve ever gotten tired of chasing ends around when they fall off, threadless jewelry might be the body jewelry you’ve been waiting for!

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