14kt Gold Fixed Ball Captive Bead Ring


Sold individually (1 piece)
Sizes: 20G, 18G, 16G, 14G
Inner diameter sizes: (1/4" - 6mm), 5/16" - 8mm), (3/8" - 10mm)
Solid 14kt gold
Annealed (bendable)
20G, 18G: 2mm ball
16G: 3mm ball
Great for a variety of piercings!

Experience luxurious elegance with our 14kt Gold Fixed Ball Captive Bead Ring. Made of solid 14kt gold, this ring is annealed for flexibility and available in various sizes with a variety of 2mm and 3mm balls. Use it for any of your piercings and add a touch of shine to your style. Sold individually.

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