14kt White Gold Seamless Hoop Ring


Sold individually (1pc)
14kt white solid gold
Sizes: 20G, 18G, 16G
Inner diameters: 1/4" (6mm), 5/16"(8mm), 3/8"(10mm)
For healed piercings
Used in cartilage, nose, labret / lip piercings

This 14kt White Gold Seamless Hoop Ring is a luxurious addition to any collection. Crafted from real 14kt white solid gold in sizes 20G, 18G, and 16G, with inner diameters of 1/4" (6mm), 5/16"(8mm), and 3/8"(10mm), this hoop ring is suitable for healed piercings including cartilage, nose, and labret/lip piercings. Meant for individual use, this seamless, high-quality hoop is a perfect way to express yourself.

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