Aqua Gem Brass Septum Clicker


Sold individually (1pc)
Size: 16G, 14G
Rhodium brass shell
316L stainless steel clicker bar
Aqua CZ gems
Hinge which opens and clicks closed
Length (Bar): 1/4" (6mm)
Inside: W:9mm, H:7.7mm Whole: W:15.4mm, H:12.7mm
Black & pink also available

This Aqua Gem Brass Septum Clicker is a high-quality clicker designed for the septum. Crafted from rhodium brass and a 316L stainless steel clicker bar, it features a hinge that opens and clicks closed securely. Sizes are 14G and 16G with a 1/4" (6mm) length. These clickers include an aqua CZ gem for a subtle sparkle and are also available in black and pink.

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