18G Blurple Titanium Nose Screw With Light Blue CZ


Size: 18 gauge ASTM F-136 TI6AL4V ELI TITANIUM Light blue Swarovski Gems 1/4" (6mm)
This peace is a gorgeous mixture of both blue and purple hues on a 6mm post.
It is accidently beautifully with a light blue Swarovski gemstone that compliments the posts coloring.
This peace is sure to stand out amongst your piercings and add a little color to your life, it is a secure piece with a screw feature at the bottom of the post.
This piece is sold individually, and it is made out of ASTM F-136 TI6AL4V ELI Titanium.
Titanium is the perfect material for anyone with metal sensitivities.
This Blurple piece is sold at an 18G to fit your piercing comfortably.

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