Areng Wood Plugs with Ammonite Inlay


Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Double flare Areng wood Ammonite Fossil with brass bezel Wearable area 1 Inch - 1 & 1/2": 12mm Flare: .75mm - 1.5mm Handcrafted For healed piercings NOTICE: Genuine ammonite fossils vary in color and have slight quality differences as they are extremely old and delicate. It is completely normal to have slight indents in the ammonite sections. Ammonite size is proportionate to plug size. Each and every plug will be 100% different. We do our best to provide you a matching set but not guaranteed. Its almost impossible to find an identical pair. Hand made.
Sold in pairs (2 pieces).
Double flare.
Areng wood.
Ammonite fossil with brass bezel.
Wearable area 12mm.
For healed piercings.

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