Batwing Horn Spiral Hangers


Sold in pairs (2 pieces)
8G (3mm) - 00G (10mm)
Water buffalo horn
Pattern & color may vary due to nature of the horn

8G: Width 25mm X Height 50mm

6G: Width 30mm X Height 55mm

4G: Width 30mm X Height 60mm

2G: Width 30mm X Height 60mm

0G: Width 32mm X Height 62mm

00G: Width 35mm X Height 66mm

Enhance your style with this unique pair of Batwing Horn Spiral Hangers. The 8G/3mm to 00G/10mm hangers feature a pattern and color that may vary due to the nature of the horn. The 8G hanger measures 25mm wide by 50mm high, while the 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, and 00G hangers measure 30mm wide by 55mm, 60mm, 60mm, 62mm, and 66mm high respectively. 

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