Black Steel Plugs With Purple Druzy Stone Inlay


Sold in pairs (2pcs)
Black titanium anodized on 316L stainless steel
Externally threaded
Screw on backs
2G (6mm) - 1 inch (25mm)
Synthetic purple druzy stone
Pattern & color will be unique for each plug
Length: 10mm
Wearable area: 6mm
The stone will stick out 3mm-6mm past the front side of plug

Beautiful purple druzy stone plugs! These are made from black titanium anodize on 316L stainless steel and have externally threaded screw on backs. Choose your size from 2G (6mm) - 1 inch (25mm). Synthetic purple druzy stone. Each piece will be unique in color and pattern. Sold in pairs.

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