Dayak White Brass Ear Weights


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Weight: 26g each
2G or bigger to wear
Height: 1 & 3/4" (45mm)
Width: 1 & 1/8" (28mm)
Brass is not meant for long term wear
May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions

Dayak White Brass Ear Weights are handcrafted in pairs (2pc) and sold in a range of sizes ideal for wear with 2G and bigger piercings. Each weight measures 1 & 3/4" (45mm) high and 1 & 1/8" (28mm) wide and weighs 26g - providing a comfortable and secure wearing experience. Though brass is not intended for long term wear, it is an ideal material for short-term body modifications, with minimal risk of oxidization under typical moisture conditions.

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