Filigree Bone Hangers


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Carved daisy design
Sustainable water buffalo bone
Pick from 12G - 0G

Fake gauge (18G): W:25mm  H: 62mm

12G - W: 24mm H: 55mm

8G - W:25mm H: 58mm

6G - W: 25mm H: 58mm

4G - W: 27mm H: 60mm

2G - W: 27mm H: 62mm

0G - W: 28mm H: 63mm

Sustainable Filigree Bone Hangers handmade from water buffalo bone and featuring a beautiful filigree design. Sold in pairs (2pc). Available in sizes 12G-0G, adding a unique style to your look. Fake gauge is 18G and has a ASTM F-136 titanium push pin design. Choose from a variety of sizes and make a statement!

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