Graze Pentagon Brass Hinged Ear Weights


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Must be at least 2G (6mm) to wear these
Weight: 15.5 grams each
Made from casted brass
Measurements: 28mm x 30mm
Each piece will be unique in shape and size - measurements are approximate
Brass is not meant for long term wear
May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions
For healed piercings/lobes

Discover your perfect pair with Graze Pentagon Brass Hinged Ear Weights. Handmade from casted brass, each piece is unique and carefully crafted to provide a cool, textured design. Not for long term wear - brass may oxidize under extreme moisture conditions. Each piece weighs about 15.5 grams and is best for healed piercings/lobes. Lobes must be at least 2G (6mm) for the perfect fit.

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