Half Moon Dangle Star Blue Aurora CZ Stainless Steel Nipple Barbell


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Size 14G (1.6mm)
Full length: 26mm
316L stainless steel barbell
For healed piercings
9/16" (14mm) wearable area
Externally threaded
Blue aurora and amethyst cz gems

Nipple barbells that have a crescent moon with dangling stars on each end. Crescent moon is made up of blue aurora cz gems and the dangling charms are made from an amethyst cz gem. Featuring a 14g straight barbell made from 316L stainless steel and 9/16” wearable area. Externally threaded for easy on & off. Sold as a pair (2pcs). For healed piercings.

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