Kaos Royal Purple Silicone Skin Eyelets


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Made from implant grade silicone
Made in USA
Sizes 6G (4mm) up to 1 inch (25mm)
Wearable surface: 10mm
Soft & squishy
Wash with a mild non scented antibacterial soap and water
These should never be used for ear stretching

Kaos Royal Purple Silicone Skin Eyelets offer a safe and comfortable way to add unique details to any outfit. Highly customizable, these eyelets, made from implant-grade silicone, come in a variety of sizes from 4G (5mm) up to 1 inch (25mm) and have a wearable surface of 8mm. They are soft and squishy, yet durable. Do not use for ear stretching. To clean, wash with a mild non-scented antibacterial soap and water.

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